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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caribana Shooting Victim - Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray was considered a troubled man. A man of the system that had a list of gun charges, convictions etc beginning in his young years. Police say “Man killed by Toronto police had a fondness for guns and gunplay”.Police confirmed he is the same man back in 2003 that was arrested by Toronto Police after a struggle during which he reached for a loaded gun at his feet. At only 22, he showed his love for weapons and got charges such as drug trafficking, got a 10 year firearm ban.

However he was one of the young men that jail just could not rehabilitate. He constantly received light sentences. One incident, he was arrested ten days after his release and charged with assault with a weapon and threatening but got bail. Then arrested again after residents in Malvern saw him strolling around with a pistol in his hand.

Kevin was listed as one of the most dangerous men in Toronto. It now is being said he was at the parade just robbing onlookers in the crowd. When he realized he was being taped, he fired shots at the man taping and that is when the police became involved. Officers are still waiting for results to see whose gun hurt the young woman in her back and grazed the young man in his eye brow.

I feel sorry for his family to have to go through this but in the end do you mourn a man like Kevin Murray. A man that didn’t value his own life much less, a man that never wanted to change, a man that wanted to live by the gun. Do we mourn him?