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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Murder Trial Under-way - Jonathan Chambers

Jonathan Chambers lost his life after a drug deal went bad, wrong, and way over his head. Chambers was shot to death back in March 2007 and a deal had to be reached with one of his killers in regards to his murder. Chambers was forced to go to his knees as he was shot 5 times in the back of his head.

Andrew Turner, 33, of Brampton, was on trial for the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Jonathan Chambers, 21, but he instead pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Turner was sentenced to 11 years in prison minus three years for time already spent in custody, credited on a two-for-one basis, which leaves him with five years left to serve. He is likely, however, to get out on parole in two years.

Court heard Turner and his alleged accomplice, Lenworth Spence, wanted to “teach a lesson” after two of Chambers’ friends paid for $50,000 worth of cocaine with fake money.

Lenworth Spence, 31, who is facing kidnapping and first-degree murder is now waiting to see his fate. So far, four of the men who “went along for the drive,” have pleaded guilty to manslaughter or conspiracy to murder and three have testified against Spence.

This young boy may have chosen the wrong path in life when it comes to drug dealing however Chambers was around people he trusted. His own friends set him up and even was involved in his murder. These young men need to make better decisions, sometimes the game is just a little too big for them.

Lenworth's verdict should be released by Friday.