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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Menace to Society - Eric Carty

The name Eric Carty (left) came to light in 2009 in relation to the murder of Kirk Matthews, 24 years of age . Matthews was shot to death in December 2009 near Islington and Steeles. Three days after the murder of Matthews police were on the hunt for Eric Carty.

This year in January 2011, Eric was caught by Peel police and charged with first degree murder, but it doesn't end there. November 2010, a murder took place in a Markha
m home where Bich-Ha Pan, 53 (below) who was gunned down Nov. 8 inside her Helen Avenue home in Markham. Her husband was also shot and their daughter claims to have been tied up in another room.

Well the daughter ended up setting up the whole thing to harm her parents, probably for insurance money and guess WHAT? Eric was involved. YES... Eric Carty who was already serving his time for the murder of Kirk Matthews in Milton at Maplehurst has now has been charged once again with first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the Markham incident. David Mylvaganam, 22, of Toronto was also
charged along with Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong, 25 and the daughter Jennifer.

Eric will have a couple of trials coming up soon, you know he'll plead not guilty but it's just sad this man can so freely kill and harm people and took so long to
find him and get him off the streets. Who harboured this kind of man? Thank God this man is off the street, Toronto is a lot safer without him running around.