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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homicide #24-Andrew Stewart

Andrew was the neighbourhood rapper with talent that had dreams of making it big. A father of a 5 year old girl, he was known as a quiet individual which leaves questions as to why he lost his life so suddenly. He did have a troubled life but was turning it around as quoted by his mother.

While his mom was in church praying, Andrew suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and stomach. He lost his life June 16 after 10pm. “He always rapped about Jane and Finch and the hard life up here,” His mother Angela Wilson said. “That is the only life that he knew.”

He was loved by the Jane and Finch community. Hundreds turned out to mourn his death and celebrate a life lost to soon. At only 26, we'll never know what he could have been and a young little girl will never grow with her father.

Police arrested a suspect in the murder of Stewart in London, Ont. Fayad Shamir Moursalien, 26 has been charged with first degree murder. Witnesses actually came forward with information that helped lead to this arrest in less than a week after the shooting. Still no answers as to why this has happened.