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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caribana Shooting

Update: Caribana shooting victim has been named. His name is Kevin Murray, 30 of Ajax. The other two victims hit by bullets are named Megan Martin, 21, and Amrit Boodram, 18, of Scarborough. They are both fine now.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the male victim is now deceased.

Unfortunately 3 people have been rushed to the hospital following a shooting along the Caribana route. Details are still vague however the police are involved in the shooting and the SIU is now involved. A man and woman were rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition.The third victim suffered eye injuries, just a graze to the eye-brow.

BBMers have photos circulating around BBM with pics of the shooting. More details to come.

Menace to Society - Eric Carty

The name Eric Carty (left) came to light in 2009 in relation to the murder of Kirk Matthews, 24 years of age . Matthews was shot to death in December 2009 near Islington and Steeles. Three days after the murder of Matthews police were on the hunt for Eric Carty.

This year in January 2011, Eric was caught by Peel police and charged with first degree murder, but it doesn't end there. November 2010, a murder took place in a Markha
m home where Bich-Ha Pan, 53 (below) who was gunned down Nov. 8 inside her Helen Avenue home in Markham. Her husband was also shot and their daughter claims to have been tied up in another room.

Well the daughter ended up setting up the whole thing to harm her parents, probably for insurance money and guess WHAT? Eric was involved. YES... Eric Carty who was already serving his time for the murder of Kirk Matthews in Milton at Maplehurst has now has been charged once again with first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the Markham incident. David Mylvaganam, 22, of Toronto was also
charged along with Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong, 25 and the daughter Jennifer.

Eric will have a couple of trials coming up soon, you know he'll plead not guilty but it's just sad this man can so freely kill and harm people and took so long to
find him and get him off the streets. Who harboured this kind of man? Thank God this man is off the street, Toronto is a lot safer without him running around.

Arrest Made in 2007 Murder

Sorry for being so late. The murder suspect in the 2007 shooting of Keyon Campbell (pic on the right) was arrested last month and charged with first degree murder

16 year old Keyon Campbell was shot while trying to warm up his mothers car in the winter at his Empringham home located in the Malvern area of Scarborough. He ran into the home after being shot and died right in front of his mother.

Back in February 2011, police released a photo of Pierre Oliver Ellis, 24 (left) who was actually friends with Keyon. On June 28, 2011, Ellis finally turned himself in after months on the run.

Comments Open Again

I've re-opened the comments section for this blog. I am requesting that the comments be respectful to everyone and in no way should there be any type of arguing amongst each other.

If the comments continue to be out of hand as they were months ago, I'll be quicker to shut down the entire blog rather than just the comments section.

Be respectful of each other, the deceased and the family and friend of those no longer with us.

Homicide #26-Anthony Smalling

UPDATE: On Wednesday, Juede Rayon Noel, 24, surrendered to police in relation to the murder of Anthony Smalling. He has been charged with second-degree murder.

Anthony Smalling, 23 was shot to death last night around 10pm in the East Mall area. Anthony suffered numerous gunshot wounds to the chest and once he arrived to the hospital he was pronounced dead.

Investigators are looking for three vehicles seen fleeing from the scene. One is a white, two-door Honda Civic. The other two are simply described as dark
coloured sedans.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Caught-Joshua David Warner

Here is how this fool was caught after a year manhunt went down searching for this 22 year old boy. Joshua Warner was wanted for first degree murder and various other offences, after an altercation that took place in Hamilton at a party back in March 2010. Shot were fired supposedly because R&B music was being played at the party. Guns were drawn and bullets flew. In the end,Brandon Winston Musgrave, 18 was shot and taken off life support days later due to injuries sustained.

The second suspect in the murder was found a month later however Joshua was still on the run. Soon after the murder, investigators received information that Warner was in Venezuela. After more tips, the search was narrowed down to Guyana. And how is that? The dummy went to Guyana and got charged for possession of marijuana on April 8, 2011. Hamilton Police obtained help from the Canadian High Commission in Guyana to obtain his extradition from the country's capital.

Police say he look relieved to be caught. Looks like life on the run and living in Guyana was difficult for him. Could also be his conscious from the sin he has committed.

Murder Trial Under-way - Jonathan Chambers

Jonathan Chambers lost his life after a drug deal went bad, wrong, and way over his head. Chambers was shot to death back in March 2007 and a deal had to be reached with one of his killers in regards to his murder. Chambers was forced to go to his knees as he was shot 5 times in the back of his head.

Andrew Turner, 33, of Brampton, was on trial for the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Jonathan Chambers, 21, but he instead pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Turner was sentenced to 11 years in prison minus three years for time already spent in custody, credited on a two-for-one basis, which leaves him with five years left to serve. He is likely, however, to get out on parole in two years.

Court heard Turner and his alleged accomplice, Lenworth Spence, wanted to “teach a lesson” after two of Chambers’ friends paid for $50,000 worth of cocaine with fake money.

Lenworth Spence, 31, who is facing kidnapping and first-degree murder is now waiting to see his fate. So far, four of the men who “went along for the drive,” have pleaded guilty to manslaughter or conspiracy to murder and three have testified against Spence.

This young boy may have chosen the wrong path in life when it comes to drug dealing however Chambers was around people he trusted. His own friends set him up and even was involved in his murder. These young men need to make better decisions, sometimes the game is just a little too big for them.

Lenworth's verdict should be released by Friday.

Homicide #25-Shawn Charles

Canada Day, July 1. Another black man lost his life. 39 year old Shawn Charles was stabbed to death at a community BBQ in Scarborough in the VP and Eglinton area.

Around 6:15pm on Canada, Charles attempted to break up a fight on the basketball court and was stabbed in the process. Shawn was known as a "good guy"

The stabbing has a community scared with single mothers looking for new apartments due to the violence that has been recently going on in the community.

Police have charged Anthony Campbell (left) with second-degree murder. He surrendered on July 4.

Homicide #24-Andrew Stewart

Andrew was the neighbourhood rapper with talent that had dreams of making it big. A father of a 5 year old girl, he was known as a quiet individual which leaves questions as to why he lost his life so suddenly. He did have a troubled life but was turning it around as quoted by his mother.

While his mom was in church praying, Andrew suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and stomach. He lost his life June 16 after 10pm. “He always rapped about Jane and Finch and the hard life up here,” His mother Angela Wilson said. “That is the only life that he knew.”

He was loved by the Jane and Finch community. Hundreds turned out to mourn his death and celebrate a life lost to soon. At only 26, we'll never know what he could have been and a young little girl will never grow with her father.

Police arrested a suspect in the murder of Stewart in London, Ont. Fayad Shamir Moursalien, 26 has been charged with first degree murder. Witnesses actually came forward with information that helped lead to this arrest in less than a week after the shooting. Still no answers as to why this has happened.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arrest made in 2009 Murder

Toronto police have made an arrest in the murder of Kamal Hercules (pictured) which took place back in September 2009. Fayisa Ahmed Ibrahim, 23 was arrested Wednesday and charged with first degree murder.

Hercules was shot to death standing outside the Rabba grocery store at Sherbourne and Front Streets shortly before 4am, September 5, 2009. Someone approached him from behind and started firing.

The reward of 50,000 may have helped in catching this suspect when it was put up this past February.

Police state they believe the suspect and victim did know each other

Homicide #23-Andrew Naidoo

The shooting of Andrew Naidoo sparked outrage not only in the neighbourhood he comes from but also from all around the GTA as Naidoo is only 15 years old. Once again a young teen gunned down so violently and a family and community just looking for answers.

On May 29, 2011, Andrew was shot multiple times in the housing complex located close to Martingrove and Finch. Witnesses and family say Naidoo wasn’t involved with drugs or gangs, she said. “But someone you know knows someone who is . . . and kids get drawn into that circle.” as stated in the Toronto Star. Naidoo became the 13th shooting victim of the year and definitely the youngest.

It begs us to question, what is going on and what is wrong with society now, how will this be fixed.

Homicide #22-John Kang

UPDATE: Police have charged Raphael Okezie, 20, of Toronto, has been charged with first degree murder in the shooting of John Kang. They are still looking for Henok Mebratu (pictured left).

John Kang lost his life to the bullet on May 26 in the Victoria Park and Finch area. Police speculate it could have been a drug deal gone bad. A video released by police shows that the suspects and victims somewhat know each other in a sense as you can see them greeting one another.

John was shot in the chest but didn't make it. Police have identified a suspect in relation to this shooting. A Canada-wide warrant for first-degree murder has been issued for 18-year-old Henok Mebratu. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Homicide #21-Jordan Tefler

21 year old Jordan was shot and killed near and apartment building at Islington and Rexdale on April 30, 2011. His body was located on the first floor of an apartment building. He unfortunately passed after arriving to Sunnybrook.

No suspects have been identified in this shooting.