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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Press Conference Held for Shane Williams

A news conference was held for shooting victim Shane Williams who was shot to death last week in the Dundas W. and Scarlett Rd. area. Cameron Holder, Williams' father, issued an emotional plea on Tuesday for anyone with information to call police. He stated "This is not about my son anymore," he added. "This is about Toronto, this is about the youths. We need to stop this senseless killing." as told to CTV News.

Last week several witnesses came forward regarding information on the vehicle that shots were fired from however police made no arrests. Police also released images from a bus that Shane was riding on before he was murdered asking witnesses to come forward.
Shane's family have no understanding as to why he may have been gunned down. He expressed his son as a good boy who had several motivational phrases plastered on his wall in his bedroom. All he cared for was his music. He was a proud DJ following in the footsteps of his father. Investigators believe as many as four people were in a small hatch-back, possibly a VW Golf or a Honda, and someone got Williams’ attention and then opened fire on him.

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