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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trial Underway - Simeon Peter

Warren Abbey, supposedly part of the Malvern Crew is now on trial for the murder of Simeon Peter (left) who was shot and killed back in Jan 2004 because he was mistaken as a member of a rival gang. It was assumed that Peter was one of the rival gang members from Galloway terrorizing Malvern back in 2003-2004. Abbey also assumed that Peter was one of several youth that robbed him days earlier. He has pleaded not guilty.

It's alleged that Peter was spotted by two of Abbey's friends but they had no guns so they picked up Abbey and drove to a friends house in Ajax. Afterwards Abbey followed Peter who was walking a female home in the Morningside and Sheppard area. As they walked, Peter was shot hit in the neck, chest, knee and hip.
The female was too scared to identify the shooter however Abbey supposedly confessed to associates that he killed Peter. This a retrial for Warren Abbey who a judge agreed with the defence that a tear drop tattoo affected people views of the accused. The trial continues.