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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Police Name Suspect in 2007 Murder

I'll never forget this shooting. A young 16 year old Keyon Campbell (RIGHT) was gunned down right in 2007 in front of his home in Malvern when he ran outside to warm up his mothers vehicle. Campbell wasn't known to be involved with guns or gangs. Police at first thought it was a case of mistaken identity however police are now saying the victim's friend and/or Campbell were the actual target due to an ongoing dispute with the suspect, Pierre Oliver Ellis (LEFT).

Pierre Ellis was actually good friends with Keyon Campbell. Ellis, a local rapper that goes by the name Capitol P claims to have loved his friend and would never kill him in various rap songs. He said he treated Campbell better than his own brother. He's all over the GTA however police can't seem to get a hold of him. Now 23 years of age, Ellis is described by police as "A very dangerous individual". He has many videos on Youtube and Myspace showing off his rap skills.