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Monday, February 14, 2011

Homicide #10-Lorenzo Martinez

UPDATE #2: Aasif Patel on the right has turned himself in this past weekend.

UPDATE: Police are looking for Aasif Patel and Wariskhan Pathan, both 19, are wanted for first-degree murder in the death of Lorenzo Martinez. Police state that both these men are dangerous and to contact police if their whereabouts are known.

Well it was definitely a bad weekend for gun violence. We had 3 shootings a few stabbings but overall two black men gone.Two shootings took place late Friday night. The first in Scarborough in the Markham and Lawrence area.

Police were called to 70 Stevanvale and found a male victim, now identified as Lorenzo Martinez, 23 with several gunshot wounds to the body. He was transported to Sunnybrook but died on the way in the ambulance. Police have no suspects or information regarding this murder.