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Monday, December 13, 2010

WTH... Not Guilty Verdict in Murder of Ephraim

Rival gang members that decided to shoot up a backyard birthday party in 2007 have been found not guilty in the murder of 11 year old Ephraim Brown. Gregory Sappleton and Akiel Eubank, both 24 were found not guilty today with shooting the young victim.
The shooting took place in the Jane and Sheppard area back in July 2007. A witness testified there was a bad vibe at the party, where members of rival gangs began showing up. A full fledged shoot-out began amongst the men and there clearly was no regard for the young kids at the party or any other person in the area. Ephraim unfortunately was listening to his MP3 player at the time and didn't hear when he was warned to run, he was hit in the neck and died at the scene.
Defence tried to say their clients didn’t fire the shots that killed Ephraim and that a third man is involved. Jurors didn't believe a witness testimony identifying the suspects and they are now free. Both men once enemies hugged each other with tears in their eyes. What the hell! Ephraim's mom left the court sobbing after hearing the verdict. I'm personally lost for words. I personally do not believe justice was served. Hopefully these young men realize the second chance they wer given and make a change, Ephraim didn't get one, hopefully they push themselves to become better people.