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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homicide #58-Nicholas Yombo

Clearly there's some type of war going on down there and it needs to stop as young men are dying every week in Regent. This is the 4th victim in the past 6 weeks to die in Regent Park.

18 year old Nicholas Yombo was found Monday shot to death after a man believed to be the boys father ran down a cop cruiser for help. The teen was pronounced dead at the scene. The shooting occurred Monday around 2pm. Police state Yombo was involved in drug activity and even suffered a stabbing last week. Police are not saying whether there is some type of drug war going on in the area but of course are looking into it.

Last month Sealand White 15 and Jermaine Derby, 19 were gunned down in Regent Park. In November, Donald Grant was gunned down in Mississauga. The alleged shooter, Jerome Derby happens to be the brother of Jermaine Derby, the 19 year shot in Regent Park. See wanted profile on the right.