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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homicide #53-Tyrone Bracken

UPDATE #2-Police have arrested a 3rd teen in connection with this murder. The teen is 17.

UPDATE: Two teens aged 16 and 17 have been arrested in relation to this murder. Both face first degree murder charges.

16 year old Tyrone Bracken was shot to death yesterday around 4pm in the Bathurst and Neptune Dr. area which is close to Wilson Ave. The 16 year old was found in a stairwell of a building and pronounced dead on the scene. Details surrounding the shooting have not been provided however residents in the area state that guns tend to go off monthly in the area and it has been getting worse and worse.

The victims get younger and younger, this is just sad. It honestly continues to piss me off that I have to report on our youth that continue to diminish day by day by a bullet.