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Monday, October 25, 2010

Police Shooting - Eric Osawe

Unfortunately black men continue to be the target of police officers and here is a story of a police shooting I forgot to touch on.

Eric Osawe, 26 was shot dead one month ago by police following a raid in an Etobicoke apartment on September 29. At 1:30am, ETF officers entered the upscale apartment near Bloor and Dundas when executing a search warrant. During the raid, it is said a fight ensued with the victim and the police, and a shot was fired.

The victim Eric Osawe, was trying to turn his life around after previous run-ins with the law. He was a father of 2 and decided he needed to change his life for them. He was working and going to get his forklift license.
Eric's younger brother Ebony, was also in the apartment at the time, he has been charged with various firearm offences.
This continues to bother me, as I don't understand why police feel the need to fire in certain situations. This is definitely something that needs to be fixed.