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Friday, September 17, 2010

My Bad.. Mistaken Identity

Ok so I'm getting messages on the blog about Shaun stating that it was a case of mistaken identity in the Fairview mall shooting so I'm going to clear this up before everyone gets mad at me.

Shaun Mobeen turned himself in after police assumed he was the individual that boldly shot at a security officer after stealing some cologne and being chased through the mall. In my original posting I stated that Shaun was a friend of the man they are now looking for, Christopher Alexander and I also stated police now know who they are looking for because Shaun gave them the info. I apologize for assuming.

Photos released to the public showed Shaun as a suspect in the Fairview mall shooting but Shaun confirmed he was at a studio during that time. Shaun now plans on suing the Toronto Police for defamation and all.

I apologize for my error in assuming. My apologies to Shaun, his family and friends.