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Friday, September 17, 2010

My Bad.. Mistaken Identity

Ok so I'm getting messages on the blog about Shaun stating that it was a case of mistaken identity in the Fairview mall shooting so I'm going to clear this up before everyone gets mad at me.

Shaun Mobeen turned himself in after police assumed he was the individual that boldly shot at a security officer after stealing some cologne and being chased through the mall. In my original posting I stated that Shaun was a friend of the man they are now looking for, Christopher Alexander and I also stated police now know who they are looking for because Shaun gave them the info. I apologize for assuming.

Photos released to the public showed Shaun as a suspect in the Fairview mall shooting but Shaun confirmed he was at a studio during that time. Shaun now plans on suing the Toronto Police for defamation and all.

I apologize for my error in assuming. My apologies to Shaun, his family and friends.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Face of an Idiot

This dummy, Christopher Alexander, 27 (this is a grown ass man) decided he would try to steal some cologne from the Bay in Fairview Mall located in the Don Mills/Sheppard area 2 days ago. The fool was chased through the mall after it was spotted that he was shoplifting and in the busy food court he decided to take out his weapon and attempt to shoot at the security officer that was running after him. No regard for any human life and how much danger he put other individuals in. But that's not the funniest part, the dummy dropped the weapon so the gun was recovered after he let off a shot. All of this not to face a shoplifting charge.

Police are looking for 27-year-old Christopher Alexander (pictured). He is described as black, 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build and dark hair pulled back in a bun. He was wearing a red t-shirt and baggy blue jeans.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Homicide #40-Jerome Lee Ellington

Police have yet another homicide to deal with and this one was in the Jane and Finch area. 25 year old Jerome Lee Ellington was shot to death last night near Yorkgate Blvd and police had taken two people into custody however they have since been released. The shooting occurred around 10pm last night as the victim was visiting his mother in law.

His father described him as a fine young man who was the father of a young child. Jerome was a Humber College graduate and there is no clue as to why this may have happened to him. Police continue to investigate.

Homicide #39-Jahmeel Spence

A mother has faced tragedy for a second time in 15 years. She faced the death of her 15 year old son, Ishmail Spence in 1996 after he was stabbed to death at Kennedy subway in Scarborough. She now got the unfortunate news on Friday that her 27 year old son Jahmeel Spence was shot to death in the Markham and Lawrence area. Spence was shot Friday night behind a townhouse complex on Greenbrae Circuit.

Police report that Jahmeel was shot several times with an automatic weapon. The husband and father of two was not known to be involved in any gang activity however they do believe that Jahmeel was targeted.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Images of Suspect Released

Police have released images of a suspect in the murder of Randy Anthony Malcolm (pictured bottom) who was shot several times on August 24 in Flemington Park. Malcolm along with another individual was shot. Both individuals were known to police, police state that Malcolm even had a gun on him at the time he was shot.

CTV reports that according to witnesses, the suspect fired a few shots into the air before lowering his handgun to fire at his two victims -- who were about 40 to 50 metres away, he said. He then flees in what appears to be a Nissan Maxima. The suspect described as being in his mid-20s, 6'2", 190 to 220 lbs.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Murder Suspect Caught

Sorry for the late update, been busy these past few weeks. Police have finally caught up with a suspect in a 2009 murder of a man in Pacific Mall. You may have noticed on the right hand side of this website we had a wanted poster for Bryan Valentine Gardner in relation to the February 2009 murder of 26-year-old, Chun Kit "Daniel" Cheong in a cell phone shop in the popular Pacific Mall.

Cheong was shot in the head for reasons unknown but speculations by witnesses state the suspect may have been upset over a purchase from the cell phone shop.Gardner was apprehended in London Ontario on September 1. Chael Mills was also arrested in London, Ontario in relation to a Toronto murder a few weeks ago. Looks like London is becoming a safe haven for criminals. Gardner has been returned to the York region and will face first degree murder charges.