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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Police Shooting in Scarborough

So the police have killed another black man and the question is once again was it justifiable?This past Sunday, 25 year old Reyal Jensen Jardine-Douglas was shot by police after exiting a TTC bus in the Victoria Park and Eglinton area. Reyal fled the Victoria Park bus after it was pulled over. Police were originally called to the bus due to an incident occurring on the bus. It is stated that Reyal exited at the back of the bus and was then shot up to 5 times by police.

A knife was recovered from the scene and I'm assuming the police felt threatened with a knife even though they have big glocks to defend themselves. Family and friends do admit that Jardine-Douglas did have mental and emotional issues and are actually not surprised by this whole ordeal. I'm not against cops at all but I'm against cops being trigger happy. A knife cannot do as much damage as a gun. Why not shoot the man in his leg if anything but to shoot him in his upper body with at least 5 bullets is completely unnecessary.

Witness accounts of the entire ordeal is conflicting, some saying police shot him in his back, some saying he was trying to hurt the cops so the turnout of this entire case will be interesting. My prediction is the cops will be off in a couple of months.

Even if it was stated the cop cold bloodily killed this man, cops investigating cops will always ensure the cop is good. How many times have we really seen a cop go to jail for shooting someone. UMMMMMM NEVER!! So no need for the investigation. I'm not calling racism in this cause I think they would have done the same thing to a white man, just like they did out there in Branford last week, I'm just against cops not using proper judgement in certain situations. Just my opinion.