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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Police Shooting in Scarborough

So the police have killed another black man and the question is once again was it justifiable?This past Sunday, 25 year old Reyal Jensen Jardine-Douglas was shot by police after exiting a TTC bus in the Victoria Park and Eglinton area. Reyal fled the Victoria Park bus after it was pulled over. Police were originally called to the bus due to an incident occurring on the bus. It is stated that Reyal exited at the back of the bus and was then shot up to 5 times by police.

A knife was recovered from the scene and I'm assuming the police felt threatened with a knife even though they have big glocks to defend themselves. Family and friends do admit that Jardine-Douglas did have mental and emotional issues and are actually not surprised by this whole ordeal. I'm not against cops at all but I'm against cops being trigger happy. A knife cannot do as much damage as a gun. Why not shoot the man in his leg if anything but to shoot him in his upper body with at least 5 bullets is completely unnecessary.

Witness accounts of the entire ordeal is conflicting, some saying police shot him in his back, some saying he was trying to hurt the cops so the turnout of this entire case will be interesting. My prediction is the cops will be off in a couple of months.

Even if it was stated the cop cold bloodily killed this man, cops investigating cops will always ensure the cop is good. How many times have we really seen a cop go to jail for shooting someone. UMMMMMM NEVER!! So no need for the investigation. I'm not calling racism in this cause I think they would have done the same thing to a white man, just like they did out there in Branford last week, I'm just against cops not using proper judgement in certain situations. Just my opinion.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Shooting

Another shooting occurred this evening in the Parkdale area near King and Dufferin. A man was shot 3 times in a stairwell. The victim, who is in his 20s is in serious condition at St. Michaels Hospital. No suspect description is available as of yet.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shooting Sends 4 to Hospital

Another shooting occurred in the west end last night sending four men between the ages of 17-20 to the hospital last night. The shooting took place around Humber Blvd near Weston Rd. and Black Creek around 11pm.

At least 20 shell casings were found from three different guns. A 17 year shot twice in the face is expected to survive, a man shot in the chest is in critical condition and the other two victims had minor injuries.

Homicide #37-Randy Anthony Malcolm

The young man that was shot in the head on Tuesday night succumbed to his injuries, he has been identified as Randy Anthony Malcolm. The shooting which took place in the Jungle area is no surprise to residents in the neighbourhood.

Toronto Sun says residents reported that this is probably the 3rd shooting since July and one man said when he hears the sound of gunfire he doesn't even bother to look outside anymore, as it's become a routine.

As children played in the park outside, gunfire rang out around injuring a 36 year old man and critically wounding Randy who died in the hospital yesterday. Police now have information that the suspect is a black male, short hair, 6'2-6'4 with a muscular build.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Few Shootings in the GTA

Few shootings last night left 2 men in non-life threathning condition and one in critical.

The first shooting occurred in the Jungle area (Allen & 401) around 8pm, one man sustained injuries from gunshot wounds to the head and another man in his fifties received injuries to his shoulder. The individual shot in the head is in critical condition. The second victim will be ok.

The second shooting occurred hours later in Etobicoke. A man was shot numerous times in his leg around Royal York Rd around 10pm. He will be okay.

Police have no motives or suspects.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peel Homicide #5-Darren McLean

Police responded to a shooting in the Brampton area and found 23 year old Darren McLean shot to death in his home. The shooting occurred Saturday night at 10:45pm. No suspects have been identified as police are still in the process of interviewing witnesses.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Got Him!!

The second suspect in the murder of Mitchell Celise, 17 was found and apprehended in London, Ontario. Celise was shot and killed back in May. Chael Mills faces a charge of first degree murder. Police have already charged another teen, 18-year-old Lavare Williams, with first-degree murder in Celise's death.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Homicide #36-Nicolas Kenyon

29-year-old Nicolas Kenyon was gunned down in Jamestown on Saturday night and succumbed to his injuries on Sunday. Police indicated the man was clearly targeted in the Bleeker Street neighbourhood in Toronto.

No information on suspects as of yet.

Homicide #35-Byron Jones

Police responded to a shooting in the west end on Sunday and located the body of 20-year old Byron Jones who was found dead in the apartment stairwell. The building located on Mabelle Ave is no stranger to homicides and shootings. Several homicides and shootings have taken place in the area within the last year.

Toronto Sun says the 20-year-old was under strict house arrest and was to have been in his downtown home, conditions imposed on him after being charged with three counts of robbery with a firearm of a small business last December. There's no info as to why he was in the area.

Three men were seen running from the building at around 8:30 p.m. Police were notified an hour later, meaning Jones lay dead for a while. Two of the men were wearing hoodies over their head and the third suspect was wearing a white t-shirt.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Homicide #33-Andrew Dowden

Police have arrested three young offenders in connection with this young man's murders. Two of the offenders are 17 and one is 15. All young men. Just Sad!! All have been charged with first degree murder.

I don't know what it is about caribana weekend but the murders continue to rise for whatever reason. On Friday police located a body in the humber river and it identified as 17 year old Andrew Dowden. His body was discovered between Finch and Rexdale with gunshot wounds to his body.

No suspects or witnesses in this case as of yet.