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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trial Closed: Jose Hierro Saez

A drive-by shooting that occurred back in June 2007 taking the life of Jose Hierro Saez (left) has now come to a close. Anthony Grant, 24 and Devon Vivian, 23 (below) have been found guilty in the brazen daylight shooting of Saez who was shot while driving with 4 other friends on John Garland Blvd.

Both men are also facing 4 counts of attempted murder as they shot into the vehicle which had 4 other occupants.
Grant and Vivian flew off to Jamaica thinking they could get away with murder but were extradited to Toronto to stand trial. The jury was deadlocked as one individual did not agree both individuals were guilty. But after further deliberation and many notes to the judge they had finally reached a verdict. Also it is said the holdout jurors husband wanted his wife at his bedside in the hospital. I'll bet you an appeal will be filed and they'll say the holdout juror probably decided guilty because of her frustrated husband and just wanted to get it over with. I'll keep you updated.
Young and dumb boys making stupid decisions before thinking about the consequences. It's sad to see at 24 and 23, Anthony Grant and Devon Vivian decided this was the route to go in life.