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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Peel Homicide #4-Adrian Ducas

A teenager, only 17 years old is a the latest to lost his life to a bullet in the Peel region. On Saturday at about 8:3opm, police responded to a shooting in Malton on Morning Star Dr. at a community center. A male victim was found to be unconscious and pronounced dead at the scene.

Peel police indicate the victim had been involved in a basketball game inside the community centre, when three suspects entered the centre. Ducas's sister stated the following occurred that led to his death. “He said, ‘Why are you kicking my ball?’ And when he said that, they pulled the gun out, and he said, ‘Could you just cool, just stop, chill?’ And after they butted him with the gun, from my understanding, he said, ‘You’re really gonna do me like that?’ And they just pulled the trigger. Those were his last words. He pleaded and they still did it. They kill over anything – nothing at all.” This is just sad.