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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peel Homicide #2-Tiffany Gayle

Police were called to a Brampton home on Saturday where the body of 15-year old Tiffany Gayle was found lifeless. Police had initially ruled the death suspicious but further investigation revealed that Tiffany died from a blunt force trauma.

Father Fredrick Gayle, 42, and stepmother Elizabeth Gayle, 43, are each to appear in court on Wednesday for a bail hearing. They have both been charged with second degree murder.
Tiffany was recently sent over here to live with her dad and step-mother from Jamaica to live a better life of course but it seems as if she was having a hard time in Canada. Friends state that Tiffany often would ask for money stating she wasn't fed and also was wearing the same clothes everyday.
Sounds exactly like the Randal Dooley case years ago.

Just sad.