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Friday, May 7, 2010

S.I.U Investigating Their Own.... Again

The latest victim, I'll say of "police brutality" is 18 year old Junior Alexander Manon. Wednesday evening Manon attempted to run after police pulled over his vehicle during a routine traffic stop on Steeles Avenue West, at Founders Road. While running it is said that Manon collapsed and it is now being said that the 18-year old had a heart attack.

A friend of the teen told Thursday that he was driving behind Manon when he saw police pull over the vehicle. The friend said he kept driving but later received a call from a "panicked" passenger in Manon's car who said the teen got into a physical altercation.

Other information regarding Manon's death is now swirling all over the internet though. On the blog "Fouronesix", it is stated that Manon was lying in a pool of blood as confirmed by witnesses. Another witness states police beat up the young boy who was not resisting arrest. Seven cops beat him while he lay on the ground. So we'll have to see how this turns out. Clearly the police is hiding something, an 18 year old boy in my opinion doesn't just drop dead of an heart attack like that.
Junior Manon grew up in the Jane/Finch community and was hoping to change his life around, too bad this can no longer happen. R.I.P.