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Friday, May 7, 2010

Police Raids!! What's the Point!!

So I'm sure everyone has read about the recent gang raid, "Project Corral". 1000 police officers executed 105 search warrants and came up with 10 gun and arrested about 70 people. People that they're used to seeing. People that were raided previously in Project XXX in 2006.

So the question is, do these raid really work? What's the point? I mean police are stating that the same people they previously arrested are popping up again and again in the system. The crime dies down for a minute, while they try to get bail but it continues.

The two gangs targeted were Five Point Generals (5PG) and Falstaff Crips, both based in northwest Toronto. Police intercepted phone calls amongst some of the top men in these gangs were they bragged about jewels, cars and money. Project Corral began last August, investigations involved the extensive use of wiretaps. Sounds like "The Wire". Police also state that there also some members that belong to the Shower Posse gang which originated in Jamaica and they worked all together I guess.

Raids are a waste of time and money in my opinion. I love to see my tax dollars go towards nothing. These men/women are arrested, get bail the next day, half the time their surety doesn't even have the money to cover them however they still get out. Within 1 hour, they break their condition, go back in and get bail once again. Our justice system is a joke and this all makes no sense.