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Monday, May 31, 2010

Homicide #17-Ludlow Gillespie

This past Saturday, the latest murder victim became 25 year old Ludlow Gillespie. The suspect charged in his murder is his common-law wife, 24 year old Melissa Lewis. The picture on the left shows them during happier times.

The victim was driving around Windermere Ave from Lakeshore Blvd when both the victim and suspect got into an argument. Also in the vehicle was the suspects father and their 6 year old daughter. Lewis stabbed Gillespie in the neck and he came out of the vehicle and collapsed on the road. The grandfather picked up the child who was located by police afterwards. Police now want to speak with the grandfather who has now disappeared.

Police are going off of pretty much what the 6 year old child is telling them.

Police have confirmed this relationship had a bad history in regards to domestic violence.