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Monday, May 17, 2010

Homicide #16-Devonte Gondwe-Prosper

A 15 year old boy, Devonte Gondwe-Prosper (left) answered a knock at his front door only to be shot in the face and killed by his assailant who has now been identified as Sheronnie Thomas, 18 (bottom picture) The shooting occurred in the early morning hours on Monday in the Keele and Eglinton area above a record store.

Police state the victim was very well known to police and supposedly lived a "high risk lifestyle". It's sad at 15, a boy is already living the kind of lifestyle that can cause him to lose his life. This is the second shooting of a teenager in the last 2 weeks. A 17 year old was also shot and killed on May 3. The victims continue to get younger and younger.

Police have now confirmed this is not gang-related as the victim knew his attacker. They clearly had some kind of dispute. Police attempted to raid the home of Thomas last night however he managed to get away. He turned himself into police today. Gotta love the high school pic.