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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homicide #14-Mitchell Leton Celise

Well summer has begun. For whatever reason, the heat bring out the worse in these little thugs that roam our streets. A young man, only 17 years old lost his life yesterday as he ran for his life to get away from the men who shot him. The shooting took place in a west-end neighbourhood near Vaughn and St. Clair.

A witness said to Toronto Star “I saw three guys on the sidewalk,”. “I told the police. I saw one of those guys running for safety and two guys running and I heard three shots, bam, bam, bam. Then one guys went straight north on Winona and another guy went another direction.”

The victim, Mitchell Celise suffered two gunshot wounds. Paramedics tried to save him but unfortunately it was too late. Witnesses report seeing a male armed with a handgun, described as having a dark−blackcomplexion, 15−18, 5'5"−5'8", with a slim build. He seen wearing a white, long−sleeve T−shirt,which was seized by police in the area. The suspect was seen fleeing wearing a white tanktop, jeans with white design/lettering on the rear pockets.