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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Defendant in Murder Trial Dies

A 24-year old defendant standing trial for the murder of a fellow friend died suddenly yesterday while awaiting his verdict for the murder of Jeremy Paul, 18 (pictured). Emmanuel Osae died after being taken from the Don Jail yesterday.
It isn't clear on how he died but the lawyer for Osae emotionally thanked jurors and other legal participants for the time put into the case. Paul was shot in the head back in April 2007 after leaving a west end high school with his girlfriend. The prosecutors alleged that Osae was one of the two masked men who threw Paul against a wall and shot him.

What's going on with the Don Jail? A lot of inmates are dying over there. This is really a sad case because a young man never got to learn his fate and another family will never see justice served if this is the actual man that did kill Jeremy Paul.