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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suspects Caught on Camera

While a elderly man was getting robbed by two young black males, TTC riders watched the horror in action and did nothing to help the 79 year old man. The man was robbed as he sat on the eastbound train near Chester station. The man said one of the young men asked him for change, he said "NO" and the boy continued to ask up to three times if he had any change.

The man said he attempted to activate the passenger alarm but couldn't reach it and he was then grabbed and robbed of his wallet. The old man tried to chase the young men but they got away. His wallet was later found at Danforth Ave.

Although several witnesses were on the subway car at the time of the attack, no one came forward to help the elderly man. One witness later stated that the robbery took place too quickly for anyone to react. If you can recognize the young men, please contact police.