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Monday, March 15, 2010

18 Year Old Killed in Hamilton Shooting

UPDATE: Police have arrested Tyrone Chambers in Halifax on Saturday April 10 in relation to the murder of Brandon Musgrave. He has been charged with second degree murder. Police are still looking for 21 year-old Joshua Warner. Hamilton police say they have also now charged Yaasmiyn Davidson, 20, with accessory after the fact to murder.

This murder didn't take place in the GTA but is one that took place in Hamilton this past weekend and took the life of another young BLACK man. Brandon Musgrave, 18 and two other innocent bystanders were shot at a Hamilton house party and police are looking for two suspects that fired shots directly into the crowd.

It was Saturday and around 50 young people were celebrating March break at a house party when a fight broke out. Two men pulled out guns and fired into the crowd.

FIRED INTO THE CROWD!!! This angers me and shows the disregard that people have for other people's life. This death is senseless and dumb. Irresponsible people with guns that just don't give a f**k. This young boy will not be able to go back to school, while he should have been enjoying his week off school, he's now dead and for what?