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Monday, February 1, 2010

Family Mourns Jahmelle Grant

Today marks the first year anniversary of the death of 26-year-old Jahmelle Grant and his family has now come to the media asking for assistance in solving his murder.

Last year outside an after hours spot in the Weston Rd. and Lawrence area, shots rang out killing Grant and injuring two others. Reports suggest that Jahmelle tried to calm down an argument amongst a few women and when the gun was pulled out he was fatally shot. At least 6 people were present but no one has come forward with any tips.

Detectives say at least 20-30 people know who the shooter is. Police and Grant's family also wonder if someone had called 911 right away, would he be alive. No one called the police when Grant was shot. Police also say nurses at the hospital where Grant was `dumped` also refuse to speak with police.

Jahmelle Grants murder is 1 of the 28 murders of 2009 that has yet to be solved.