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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Youth Acquitted in Jane Creba Murder

As soon as I saw Jeremiah Valentine plead guilty to the shooting death of Jane Creba, I said to myself anyone else that is left to face the trial for Jane Creba will be walking free and just as I predicted another individual that was charged in the murder was let free yesterday.

G.C (cannot be identified because he was a youth at the time of the murder) was freed by a judge yesterday. "A person cannot be guilty of manslaughter merely because he was present when his companions committed murder," Justice Anne Molloy said. "A person cannot be convicted of manslaughter simply because he has previously acted badly, or even criminally." (I'm am actually quite surprised this came out of a judge's mouth).

Even though G.C. carried no gun, he was guilty of manslaughter by virtue of that common purpose, the Crown contended. This young man received a second chance at life, lets hope he doesn't mess it up. Let the lawsuits begin...