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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homicide #60-Jordan Hosten

Another black man has lost his life to the bullet. On Christmas day an 18 year old was shot seven times. Jordan Hosten was enjoying Christmas day with his family in their Woolner Ave apt when he went out to get a calling card to call his mom in Grenada to wish her a Merry Christmas. He never returned and his dad was later notified that his son was shot to death.

Investigators say that Jordan nicknamed "Goonie" was likely ambushed and chased down. Police are looking to see if this is related to a shooting that occurred 90 minutes earlier where the victim showed up at a Mississauga hospital with a wound to the leg.

Killers have no heart. To kill this young man on Christmas Day or any day of course is just ridiculous. And I thought we'd go the rest of the year without a shooting.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Arrest in Peel Murder

Peel police have arrested a suspect in a murder that occurred back in August 2010. Darren McClean was shot to death in front of his home and pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have arrested Michael McIntosh, 20 years old this past Thursday. Police think there are more suspects and are urging them to turn themselves in.

Monday, December 13, 2010

WTH... Not Guilty Verdict in Murder of Ephraim

Rival gang members that decided to shoot up a backyard birthday party in 2007 have been found not guilty in the murder of 11 year old Ephraim Brown. Gregory Sappleton and Akiel Eubank, both 24 were found not guilty today with shooting the young victim.
The shooting took place in the Jane and Sheppard area back in July 2007. A witness testified there was a bad vibe at the party, where members of rival gangs began showing up. A full fledged shoot-out began amongst the men and there clearly was no regard for the young kids at the party or any other person in the area. Ephraim unfortunately was listening to his MP3 player at the time and didn't hear when he was warned to run, he was hit in the neck and died at the scene.
Defence tried to say their clients didn’t fire the shots that killed Ephraim and that a third man is involved. Jurors didn't believe a witness testimony identifying the suspects and they are now free. Both men once enemies hugged each other with tears in their eyes. What the hell! Ephraim's mom left the court sobbing after hearing the verdict. I'm personally lost for words. I personally do not believe justice was served. Hopefully these young men realize the second chance they wer given and make a change, Ephraim didn't get one, hopefully they push themselves to become better people.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Officer Charged in Shooting Death

Well surprise surprise, the police actually do charge their own.

I reported on Eric Osawe a couple months back after his family had emailed me. Eric was shot to death by a police officer two months ago in an Etobicoke raid. It has now been stated that the officer Const. David Cavanagh faces a manslaughter charge and will be going to court to face his alleged offence.

In the raid, police state that a fight ensued and Osawe was then shot. Eric's younger brother was also in the apartment at the time and was charged with firearm offences. Now we still don't know what the outcome will be but the best part is that a jury will decide his fate rather than his fellow police officers.

These cops need to learn when it is the appropriate time to use their weapons and think before they decide to fire their gun.
Click Link to see previous story.

Father Says He Was A Bad Guy

Not too many parents can admit when their children are doing wrong. This father says his son recent murder is basically no suprise and he's now paying for it because "he was a bad guy".

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homicide #58-Nicholas Yombo

Clearly there's some type of war going on down there and it needs to stop as young men are dying every week in Regent. This is the 4th victim in the past 6 weeks to die in Regent Park.

18 year old Nicholas Yombo was found Monday shot to death after a man believed to be the boys father ran down a cop cruiser for help. The teen was pronounced dead at the scene. The shooting occurred Monday around 2pm. Police state Yombo was involved in drug activity and even suffered a stabbing last week. Police are not saying whether there is some type of drug war going on in the area but of course are looking into it.

Last month Sealand White 15 and Jermaine Derby, 19 were gunned down in Regent Park. In November, Donald Grant was gunned down in Mississauga. The alleged shooter, Jerome Derby happens to be the brother of Jermaine Derby, the 19 year shot in Regent Park. See wanted profile on the right.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homicide #56-Carl Cole

UPDATE: Police have located the victims vehicle in the Nielson/401 area.

A 45 year old man has lost his life to a bullet once again. Carl Cole was located on Greenbrae Circuit near Bellamy and Lawrence with multiple gunshot wounds and rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting takes place in the same area where Jameel Spence was recently shot to death. Toronto Police believe the suspects may have made their getaway in the victim’s car, a silver 2006 Chrysler 300 with Ontario licence plate BFZM 855. Police retrieved over a dozen shell casings in the area.

This the 11th shooting in 6 days and the 4th homicide in the one week.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remains found in Milton Identified

Police found remains in Milton today and has been identified as the body of Garfield Steele, 32 of Toronto. Steele was reported missing back on November 11 and was last seen at the beginnning of the month.

His body was found Monday by a passerby. Police are treating this case as a homicide. Another black man gone.

Daughter Charged in Murder where 3 Black Men are Suspects

Well ain't that a bitch. So the daughter of the Chinese woman that was killed a few weeks back supposedly by 3 black men in Markham was arrested in connection with her own mothers murder. Police carried through their investigation and determined the daughter was the mastermind behind the whole thing. The 24-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The story was fishy from the beginning. The daughter was the only one unharmed, her dad was also shot in the incident but again she was not touched. The robbers went to a home leaving with barely nothing. Looks like someone wanted to make an insurance claim to me. I'm now actually wondering if the shooters were actually black now, this woman was probably lying about the whole thing.

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Homicide #55-William Nathanson

Police were called to Jane and Sheppard close to 10pm on Monday night where they located a 19 year old male who has now been identified as William Nathanson. He had been shot several times. He was revived at one point but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Police stated witnesses only saw two men fleeing the vicinity and recovered close to 12 shell casings.

Homicide #54-Melvin Gomez

The 54th murder of 2010 is 24 year old Melvin Gomez. Melvin was shot to death after being caught in the crossfire at a pub near the Don Mills and Sheppard plaza, 2 other men were injured but have since been released from the hospital.

Detectives are searching for two suspects. They say the first is male with a brown complexion, 5 feet 5 inches - 5 feet 6 inches tall, 120 - 130 lbs., and in his early 30s. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants, and a blue baseball cap with ear flaps and was armed with a handgun. The second is male with a brown complexion (lighter than the first suspect), 6 feet - 6 feet 2 inches tall, 260 - 280 lbs., and in his late 30s. He was wearing a grey zippered sweatshirt with a hood, a white shirt with a logo and dark jeans.

9 Shootings Since Friday....WTF!!!

Between Friday and Monday night there have been 9 shootings. 2 men dead. What the hell is going on with Toronto, not only that both murder victims are only aged 19 and 24. Young men once again, young minority men. A 17 year old was charged Saturday because he thought it was okay to flash a gun at a police officer. Now I actually for once can commend an officer, who normally would have shot the young boy. I've heard of situations where knives were waived and police pump 3 bullets into a man but this young boy is lucky his life was spared.

My question is why doesn't anyone value their life anymore. Not only that, these men feeling they have the right to take away someone's life. How is it that jail is okay that these men in no way want to better themselved and do right to avoid jail. What really is going on? Just when I think it's getting better, it gets worse and worse, what makes it more sad, is this mainly affect black people, black young men. 9

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homicide #53-Tyrone Bracken

UPDATE #2-Police have arrested a 3rd teen in connection with this murder. The teen is 17.

UPDATE: Two teens aged 16 and 17 have been arrested in relation to this murder. Both face first degree murder charges.

16 year old Tyrone Bracken was shot to death yesterday around 4pm in the Bathurst and Neptune Dr. area which is close to Wilson Ave. The 16 year old was found in a stairwell of a building and pronounced dead on the scene. Details surrounding the shooting have not been provided however residents in the area state that guns tend to go off monthly in the area and it has been getting worse and worse.

The victims get younger and younger, this is just sad. It honestly continues to piss me off that I have to report on our youth that continue to diminish day by day by a bullet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shooting in Jane/Finch Mall

So two dummies, tried to shoot a guy in the mall, in front of many people and managed to shoot the boy but only got him the leg. Meanwhile many onlookers saw their faces, pointed them out security and even managed to see the taxi these boys hopped into. Police of course caught up with the fools and even recovered the gun.

The boys were trying to rob the 17 year old boy. The boys were apprehended near Finch and the 400. Charged. The two suspects have been identified as Tristan Cox, 23 and Francis Koroma, 23 both of Toronto. Grown ass men, just pathetic.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fatal Shooting in Markham

A fatal home invasion claimed the life of a 53 year old woman last night and police are on the hunt for at least 3 black males.

Police were called to a home on Helen Ave around 10:30pm last night when three men broke into the house. The woman was shot while her husband suffered neck injuries. The 24 year old daughter was also home at the time but wasn't hurt.

Police are looking for three males. The first male is between 28-33 with long dreads and medium build, he is at least 5'7 in height. The second male, had a bandanna covering his face, with a thin build and at least 5'8. The last black male, had a thin build and spoke with a strong carribean accent.

Peel Homicide #6-Donald Richard Grant

27 year old Donald Richard Grant was shot to death this past Sunday in a hotel in Mississauga. Donald Grant, also knows as Don Kartel was a local rapper from the Scarborough area. He was shot around 10pm at the Holiday Inn near Pearson Airport.

Rumours have begun circulating that he got into an argument previously with someone over a girl but friends of the victim knew of him to be single and only working on his music. Friends describe him as a good man that only was in and out of the studio. Police have no suspects as of yet.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trial Underway - Ephraim Brown

The trial regarding the murder of 11-year old Ephraim Brown has finally begun. Ephraim was killed in a gun battle between rivaling youth back in July of 2007. Ephraim was at a gathering with his six year old cousin near the Jane/Sheppard complex when he was caught in the crossfire.

The crown says they will have a witness testify about the bad vibe at the party and a not well thought out guest list. The two rival gangs, Baghdad Crew and Five Point Generals which include the accused men Gregory Sappleton and Akiel Eubank were in each others faces before they fired shots.

Ephraim had missed a warning for him to run as he was listening to his MP3 player, he was shot in the neck and died on the spot. Both Gregory and Akiel have been charged with second degree murder and will face the courts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Police Shooting - Eric Osawe

Unfortunately black men continue to be the target of police officers and here is a story of a police shooting I forgot to touch on.

Eric Osawe, 26 was shot dead one month ago by police following a raid in an Etobicoke apartment on September 29. At 1:30am, ETF officers entered the upscale apartment near Bloor and Dundas when executing a search warrant. During the raid, it is said a fight ensued with the victim and the police, and a shot was fired.

The victim Eric Osawe, was trying to turn his life around after previous run-ins with the law. He was a father of 2 and decided he needed to change his life for them. He was working and going to get his forklift license.
Eric's younger brother Ebony, was also in the apartment at the time, he has been charged with various firearm offences.
This continues to bother me, as I don't understand why police feel the need to fire in certain situations. This is definitely something that needs to be fixed.

Homicide #51-Albert Kiwubeyi

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Albert Kiwubeyi, 24, of Toronto.
A man was shot to death in the Shuter/Sackville area this morning around 3am. Officers found a man in his early 20s on the sidewalk suffering from a gunshot wound. He was dead at the scene. Witnesses report seeing a man in a red/white sweatshirt running southbound from the area.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reward Offered in Year Old Murder

A reward of $50,000 has been offered in the shooting death of Tevon Mitchell which occurred just over a year ago in the summer of 2009. Tevon attended a house party in the Scarborough area and was shot while standing in the front yard of a luxurious Scarborough home.

Two vehicles drove by at the time but only one vehicle had an assailant firing rounds at the house. Tevon, a grade 12 student at West Hill did not lead a lifestyle that would cause something like this to happen and police are continuing to look for leads. He died from a gunshot wound to the stomach.

His mother went to the media, begging for help to find her son's killer.

Daylight Shooting

A double shooting rocked Toronto in broad daylight yesterday near Bloor and Ossington. Two men were shot, one was hit in the arm, the other was grazed by a bullet. Both men are fine and suffered no serious injury. As they were sitting in a vehicle, a man walked up and fired three shots.

The suspect is described as 6' tall, medium build wearing a black hoodie and black trackpants.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Homicide #50-Ibsa Hassan Ismeil

Police responded to a shooting in the Scarborough area this past Sunday. Around 1am, Ibsa Hassan Ismeil, 29 was gunned down while sitting in his car. Police located his car in Cataraqui Court and found him with gunshot wounds to the head. Police have no leads or no suspects as of yet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homicide #47-Obiora Ofala

I was unaware of a shooting that occurrred October 4 but the victim is now deceased and police have just reported a few details.

The shooting occurred October 4th at 10 San Romanoway which is in the Jane/Finch area. The victim, 39 year old Obiora Ofala died of a gunshot wound to the head. When police located his body, he was already deceased.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Homicide #45/#46-Jermaine Derby/Sealand White

Toronto continues to lose more youth as this is the second time in few weeks that two young men hanging out together have lost their lives to gun violence.

Shortly after 2am on Saturday, Jermaine Derby, 19 and Sealand White, 15 (pictured) were shot and killed after attending a party in the Regent Park area.

Police state that both young men were coming down an elevator when gunshot rung out as soon as the elevator doors opened. One of the victims exited the building after being shot and collapsed on the driveway, the other victim made his way up in an elevator and collapsed after exiting.

Police have no suspects as of yet. This continues to sadden me as our black youth are dying at an alarming rate.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Homicide #45-Sultan Dailey

Toronto Police have another murder on their hands to deal with. 20 year old Sultan Dailey was found shot to death this morning near Holy Family School located in the Parkdale area. A resident of the area noticed the man in the early morning hours. Another individual said she heard one gunshot around 3am. Police haven't released too many details regarding this young mans' murder, more to come.

Thank you to SW for the information regarding this homicide.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homicide #43/#44-Courthney Facey/Mike James

Two young black men lost their lives this past week once again to a bullet and it may have been a case of mistaken identity. 18 year old Courthney Facey and 23 year old Mike James was shot an killed on Wednesday in the Weston and Lawrence area.

Both men were standing together when a black SUV pulled up and began firing. The vehicle has been described as a BMW SUV with after market rims.

Facey was known as a dancer in the Toronto area and have had no connections whatsoever with police in the past. James was a chef at the woodbine racetrack and his boss described him as a great man who never even missed a day of work nor was he ever late.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Bad.. Mistaken Identity

Ok so I'm getting messages on the blog about Shaun stating that it was a case of mistaken identity in the Fairview mall shooting so I'm going to clear this up before everyone gets mad at me.

Shaun Mobeen turned himself in after police assumed he was the individual that boldly shot at a security officer after stealing some cologne and being chased through the mall. In my original posting I stated that Shaun was a friend of the man they are now looking for, Christopher Alexander and I also stated police now know who they are looking for because Shaun gave them the info. I apologize for assuming.

Photos released to the public showed Shaun as a suspect in the Fairview mall shooting but Shaun confirmed he was at a studio during that time. Shaun now plans on suing the Toronto Police for defamation and all.

I apologize for my error in assuming. My apologies to Shaun, his family and friends.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Face of an Idiot

This dummy, Christopher Alexander, 27 (this is a grown ass man) decided he would try to steal some cologne from the Bay in Fairview Mall located in the Don Mills/Sheppard area 2 days ago. The fool was chased through the mall after it was spotted that he was shoplifting and in the busy food court he decided to take out his weapon and attempt to shoot at the security officer that was running after him. No regard for any human life and how much danger he put other individuals in. But that's not the funniest part, the dummy dropped the weapon so the gun was recovered after he let off a shot. All of this not to face a shoplifting charge.

Police are looking for 27-year-old Christopher Alexander (pictured). He is described as black, 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build and dark hair pulled back in a bun. He was wearing a red t-shirt and baggy blue jeans.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Homicide #40-Jerome Lee Ellington

Police have yet another homicide to deal with and this one was in the Jane and Finch area. 25 year old Jerome Lee Ellington was shot to death last night near Yorkgate Blvd and police had taken two people into custody however they have since been released. The shooting occurred around 10pm last night as the victim was visiting his mother in law.

His father described him as a fine young man who was the father of a young child. Jerome was a Humber College graduate and there is no clue as to why this may have happened to him. Police continue to investigate.

Homicide #39-Jahmeel Spence

A mother has faced tragedy for a second time in 15 years. She faced the death of her 15 year old son, Ishmail Spence in 1996 after he was stabbed to death at Kennedy subway in Scarborough. She now got the unfortunate news on Friday that her 27 year old son Jahmeel Spence was shot to death in the Markham and Lawrence area. Spence was shot Friday night behind a townhouse complex on Greenbrae Circuit.

Police report that Jahmeel was shot several times with an automatic weapon. The husband and father of two was not known to be involved in any gang activity however they do believe that Jahmeel was targeted.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Images of Suspect Released

Police have released images of a suspect in the murder of Randy Anthony Malcolm (pictured bottom) who was shot several times on August 24 in Flemington Park. Malcolm along with another individual was shot. Both individuals were known to police, police state that Malcolm even had a gun on him at the time he was shot.

CTV reports that according to witnesses, the suspect fired a few shots into the air before lowering his handgun to fire at his two victims -- who were about 40 to 50 metres away, he said. He then flees in what appears to be a Nissan Maxima. The suspect described as being in his mid-20s, 6'2", 190 to 220 lbs.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Murder Suspect Caught

Sorry for the late update, been busy these past few weeks. Police have finally caught up with a suspect in a 2009 murder of a man in Pacific Mall. You may have noticed on the right hand side of this website we had a wanted poster for Bryan Valentine Gardner in relation to the February 2009 murder of 26-year-old, Chun Kit "Daniel" Cheong in a cell phone shop in the popular Pacific Mall.

Cheong was shot in the head for reasons unknown but speculations by witnesses state the suspect may have been upset over a purchase from the cell phone shop.Gardner was apprehended in London Ontario on September 1. Chael Mills was also arrested in London, Ontario in relation to a Toronto murder a few weeks ago. Looks like London is becoming a safe haven for criminals. Gardner has been returned to the York region and will face first degree murder charges.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Police Shooting in Scarborough

So the police have killed another black man and the question is once again was it justifiable?This past Sunday, 25 year old Reyal Jensen Jardine-Douglas was shot by police after exiting a TTC bus in the Victoria Park and Eglinton area. Reyal fled the Victoria Park bus after it was pulled over. Police were originally called to the bus due to an incident occurring on the bus. It is stated that Reyal exited at the back of the bus and was then shot up to 5 times by police.

A knife was recovered from the scene and I'm assuming the police felt threatened with a knife even though they have big glocks to defend themselves. Family and friends do admit that Jardine-Douglas did have mental and emotional issues and are actually not surprised by this whole ordeal. I'm not against cops at all but I'm against cops being trigger happy. A knife cannot do as much damage as a gun. Why not shoot the man in his leg if anything but to shoot him in his upper body with at least 5 bullets is completely unnecessary.

Witness accounts of the entire ordeal is conflicting, some saying police shot him in his back, some saying he was trying to hurt the cops so the turnout of this entire case will be interesting. My prediction is the cops will be off in a couple of months.

Even if it was stated the cop cold bloodily killed this man, cops investigating cops will always ensure the cop is good. How many times have we really seen a cop go to jail for shooting someone. UMMMMMM NEVER!! So no need for the investigation. I'm not calling racism in this cause I think they would have done the same thing to a white man, just like they did out there in Branford last week, I'm just against cops not using proper judgement in certain situations. Just my opinion.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Shooting

Another shooting occurred this evening in the Parkdale area near King and Dufferin. A man was shot 3 times in a stairwell. The victim, who is in his 20s is in serious condition at St. Michaels Hospital. No suspect description is available as of yet.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shooting Sends 4 to Hospital

Another shooting occurred in the west end last night sending four men between the ages of 17-20 to the hospital last night. The shooting took place around Humber Blvd near Weston Rd. and Black Creek around 11pm.

At least 20 shell casings were found from three different guns. A 17 year shot twice in the face is expected to survive, a man shot in the chest is in critical condition and the other two victims had minor injuries.

Homicide #37-Randy Anthony Malcolm

The young man that was shot in the head on Tuesday night succumbed to his injuries, he has been identified as Randy Anthony Malcolm. The shooting which took place in the Jungle area is no surprise to residents in the neighbourhood.

Toronto Sun says residents reported that this is probably the 3rd shooting since July and one man said when he hears the sound of gunfire he doesn't even bother to look outside anymore, as it's become a routine.

As children played in the park outside, gunfire rang out around injuring a 36 year old man and critically wounding Randy who died in the hospital yesterday. Police now have information that the suspect is a black male, short hair, 6'2-6'4 with a muscular build.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Few Shootings in the GTA

Few shootings last night left 2 men in non-life threathning condition and one in critical.

The first shooting occurred in the Jungle area (Allen & 401) around 8pm, one man sustained injuries from gunshot wounds to the head and another man in his fifties received injuries to his shoulder. The individual shot in the head is in critical condition. The second victim will be ok.

The second shooting occurred hours later in Etobicoke. A man was shot numerous times in his leg around Royal York Rd around 10pm. He will be okay.

Police have no motives or suspects.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peel Homicide #5-Darren McLean

Police responded to a shooting in the Brampton area and found 23 year old Darren McLean shot to death in his home. The shooting occurred Saturday night at 10:45pm. No suspects have been identified as police are still in the process of interviewing witnesses.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Got Him!!

The second suspect in the murder of Mitchell Celise, 17 was found and apprehended in London, Ontario. Celise was shot and killed back in May. Chael Mills faces a charge of first degree murder. Police have already charged another teen, 18-year-old Lavare Williams, with first-degree murder in Celise's death.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Homicide #36-Nicolas Kenyon

29-year-old Nicolas Kenyon was gunned down in Jamestown on Saturday night and succumbed to his injuries on Sunday. Police indicated the man was clearly targeted in the Bleeker Street neighbourhood in Toronto.

No information on suspects as of yet.

Homicide #35-Byron Jones

Police responded to a shooting in the west end on Sunday and located the body of 20-year old Byron Jones who was found dead in the apartment stairwell. The building located on Mabelle Ave is no stranger to homicides and shootings. Several homicides and shootings have taken place in the area within the last year.

Toronto Sun says the 20-year-old was under strict house arrest and was to have been in his downtown home, conditions imposed on him after being charged with three counts of robbery with a firearm of a small business last December. There's no info as to why he was in the area.

Three men were seen running from the building at around 8:30 p.m. Police were notified an hour later, meaning Jones lay dead for a while. Two of the men were wearing hoodies over their head and the third suspect was wearing a white t-shirt.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Homicide #33-Andrew Dowden

Police have arrested three young offenders in connection with this young man's murders. Two of the offenders are 17 and one is 15. All young men. Just Sad!! All have been charged with first degree murder.

I don't know what it is about caribana weekend but the murders continue to rise for whatever reason. On Friday police located a body in the humber river and it identified as 17 year old Andrew Dowden. His body was discovered between Finch and Rexdale with gunshot wounds to his body.

No suspects or witnesses in this case as of yet.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got Him!!

Police have finally located the possible last and final suspect in the cold blodded murder of Adrian Ducas a few weeks ago. Christopher Raphael was arrested Friday in relation to the Malton community center murder. How much you wanna bet he was walking Yonge St. when they caught him.

Kevaughn Tulloch, 20, of Toronto, Maurice Raphael, 23, of Scarborough, Courtney Dawkins have been charged with first-degree murder. Cassandra Elizabeth Scavone was charged with accessory after the fact of murder. Raphael, 20 was reportedly on bail for a gun crime at the time of the Ducas murder. He’s been described as a member of Toronto’s Galloway Boys street gang. (inset Citynews).

Homicide #34-Victim Unknown

Police were called to St. Dennis Dr. located in the Don Mills and Eglinton area where they located a 25 year old man with stab wounds to the body.

He was taken to the hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. Police have no suspects or witnesses as of yet and is requesting assistance from the public.

Homicide #32-Nate Thompson

The lastest murder victim in the Toronto region is 26 year old Nate Thompson. Nate was shot to death in broad daylight on Friday in the Jane and Sheppard area. Nate suffered a gun shot wound to the head and later died in hospital.

Police have no motive or suspects but did describe the suspect as male, 20−30, black, 6’ and 240 lbs. He was last seen wearing a blue sweater and jacket with white stripes on the sleeves.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letter from a Mother

My son was stabbed to death on March 30th of this year. He was only 16. Killed by a 18yr old who went to the same school. My son was a asset to the community and a great football player, but even a better son and friend.If you google it you will see all kinds of stories about it.

Oshawa will never be the same. Suspect is in custody charged with 2nd degree murder. I wish I had of came across this website months ago, but I'm sure he can be added to all the sad lives lost.

Michael "Biggie" McDonald April 23 1993 - March 30 2010

Thank you

Rhonda Corby

Friday, July 23, 2010

Durham Homicide #7-Chris Tshilombo

Not to many times will you hear of a homicide in Ajax but unfortunately one did occur last night leaving a 17 year old dead.

A 17 year old boy now identified as Chris Tshilombo was found behind the back of a church in the Bayly and Westney area of Ajax after a pre-caribana event around 1:30am. The victims body was discovered in a car in the back parking lot.

Chris was an aspiring rapper who was still mourning the death of a friend that was stabbed to death in March. Friends say he still wore the R.I.P shirt for his friend Mike that was murdered.

Police have no suspects.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 Year Old Arrested

A 15 year old was arrested this morning and police managed to find this big old gun on the little boy. Police did a raid on the home located in the Nielson and Sheppard area. Police raided the home as part of an ongoing investigation.

Guess his parents aren't paying too much attention. It's scary to know a child has access to a gun like this.

Homicide #31-Yousuf Sulub

Yousuf Sulub was killed last Friday as gun toting thugs waited for him and a friend to arrive home. The shooting occurred in the McCowan and Pitfield area around 11:30pm as both men had just got home. Several men left a car and approched Sulub and his friend and shot them releasing a multitude of bullets. Over 20 shell casings were found in the area. Salub was hit several times and pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have released several photos of a car that was seen in the area which most likely harboured the suspects. Reports say the two men were friends and were also in a car before the incident took place. Police are asking anyone with information to contact them ASAP.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Omar Wellington Trial Update

Another youth who took part in the beating that claimed the life of Omar Wellington was handed a sentence of 6 years. The man now 20 years old, received the maximum sentence for a youth. The young man, who was 16 at the time can only be identified as J.J.

Four others also pleaded guilty, two to assault causing bodily harm and two to aggravated assault. One of them was himself murdered last week in Flemingdon Park in what is believed to be an unrelated shooting. The gang attacked Wellington because they had paid him $1,500 to buy a gun from his cousin, but he returned with neither with the gun nor the money. (inset. from Toronto Star)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homicide #29-David Darcy

Anthony Wong, a suspect in the stabbing death of David Darcy, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder Tuesday. A woman was also charged. On Sunday July 25, police arrested Sharmake Abdi, 26 (pictured, left side) and charged him with first degree murder in for the July 14th death of David Darcy, 37. (citynews)

Police have identified two suspects in the Toronto's 29th homicide. David Darcy, A 37 year old man was stabbed to death this past Wednesday near Danforth and Midland. The man managed to drive himself to McCowan and Lawrence but succubmed to his injuries. Darcy got into a fight with both suspects outside a house on Magnolia Ave. He was stabbed in the chest and abdomen.

The two suspects are Sharmake Abdi (pictured, left side), also known as “Tall Man” and “Slim,” and 29-year-old Anthony Wong (pictured, right), also known as “King.” Witnesses came forward providing police with the details.

Contact police if you have any details.

Homicide #30-Dianthony Evans

As I'll say again and again, I don't know what about the hot sun brings out the violence in these men but the shootings just continue to rise and rise as the summer sun gets hotter.

A 37 year-old man was stabbed to death on Wednesday morning marking the 29th homicide of the year and now a young man has lost his life in what now is the 30th homicide of the year.

Tuesday on Grenoble Dr. located close to the Flemingdon Park area, 19 year old Dianthony Evans suffered a gunshot wound to the head, he passed away last Friday. At least 25 shots were fired near a playground as the suspects attempted to try and hit their target. A weapon was recovered after a vehicle was found abandoned.

Dianthony was originally charged 4 years ago in the murder of Omar Wellington and was given a two year probation sentence after pleading guilty to aggravated assault.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Arrest in Murder of Adrian Ducas

Police have arrested 20 year old Cassandra Elizabeth in connection with the murder of Adrian Ducas. She is charged with accessory after the fact. Courtney Dawkins, 20 has also been arrested and charged with first degree murder. Police are still looking for Christopher Raphael (left).

Peel Police have made two arrests in the murder of Adrian Ducas. Adrian Ducas was shot last week at a community center in Malton after a basketball game. On Friday, police arrested Maurice Raphael 23, of Toronto who is facing first-degree murder charges. Kevaughn Tulloch, 20, was arrested on July 10. The Toronto man has also been charged with first-degree murder.

One suspect is outstanding (pictured). A warrant has been issued for Christopher Raphael (pictured below), 20. Raphael is described as:
160 lbs
brown eyes
black hair in cornrows

Shootout in the West End

A man was injured in a shooting that took place at a barbecue in the Jane and Weston Rd. area yesterday. The man was supposedly hit when trying to protect a child as shots rang out. The gunfire erupted around 8:30pm on Sidney Belsey Crescent during a violence prevention barbecue. Police are asking to contact them if you have any information.

Homicide #28-Tien Pham

Police are looking for a black male suspect in connection with a homicide that occurred in Chinatown this past weekend.

Tien Pham, 17, was pronounced dead at the scene after a gunman approached from behind and fired a single bullet into the teen’s head just after 3am Saturday at Excellent Cantonese Seafood restaurant at 263 Spadina Ave.

The gunman did not shield his identity, just calmly walked up behind the victim and shot him to death. Police are now going through surveillance videos to see if they can identify the suspect.

Further description of the suspect.

Black, with a light complexion
Approximately 5’7”
Slim build
Shaved head
He was wearing a dark-coloured hoodie, white-framed prescription glasses and white sneakers

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trial Closed: Jose Hierro Saez

A drive-by shooting that occurred back in June 2007 taking the life of Jose Hierro Saez (left) has now come to a close. Anthony Grant, 24 and Devon Vivian, 23 (below) have been found guilty in the brazen daylight shooting of Saez who was shot while driving with 4 other friends on John Garland Blvd.

Both men are also facing 4 counts of attempted murder as they shot into the vehicle which had 4 other occupants.
Grant and Vivian flew off to Jamaica thinking they could get away with murder but were extradited to Toronto to stand trial. The jury was deadlocked as one individual did not agree both individuals were guilty. But after further deliberation and many notes to the judge they had finally reached a verdict. Also it is said the holdout jurors husband wanted his wife at his bedside in the hospital. I'll bet you an appeal will be filed and they'll say the holdout juror probably decided guilty because of her frustrated husband and just wanted to get it over with. I'll keep you updated.
Young and dumb boys making stupid decisions before thinking about the consequences. It's sad to see at 24 and 23, Anthony Grant and Devon Vivian decided this was the route to go in life.