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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homicide #62-Kenneth Mark

As we close out 2009, another shooting has claimed the life of Kenneth Mark, 29. The shooting took place this evening after 10pm near Runnymede and Dundas.

Early reports say police are looking for two suspects seen loitering in the area before the shooting. The suspects are described as male, black, 20 to 30 years old, both wearing dark clothing, at least one of them armed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Randal Dooley Appeal Denied

On Tuesday, the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed the couple's argument that they should be granted a new trial because the judge made legal errors which resulted in jury verdicts based on emotion, not evidence. This was one of the worst cases of child abuse in Canada, and these two had the nerve to ask for a retrial. I’m sorry but for what they did to this young boy, they deserve to rot in jail.

Randal had wasted to just 41 pounds and had 13 fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, four brain injuries, and head-to-toe bruises when he died in 1998. Randal was born in Jamaica and came to Canada to live with his father and stepmother in November 1997, 11 months before his death.

Guilty Plea in Jane Creba Shooting

27-year old Jeremiah Valentine plead guilty in the murder of Jane Creba and received an automatic life sentence with the chance of parole in 12 years.

The guilty plea came as surprise to many and the Toronto star today aired video of Valentine being a tipster in the murder of Jane Creba. See video here.

The police gave Valentine the chance to request a lawyer and he was not forced to discuss the 2005 Boxing Day shooting of Creba however during the video Valentine doesn’t say too much. Police state Jeremiah Valentine gave police an insider's view of gang life after he was arrested on cocaine charges earlier. Valentine admitted firing a .357 revolver after two groups of young men turned their guns on each other. Creba was killed in the crossfire. Valentine told detectives he was fed up with the gangster life. He said he was tired of watching friends kill friends. Despite past refusals to break the "code of the street" against snitching, he was willing to talk about the secret world of the Driftwood Crips and his own related crew, the Killer Crips, in the Jane St. and Finch Ave. W. area.

According to a court document summarizing the interview, he pointed fingers and named names, detailing the gang hierarchy. He also offered information about two unsolved homicides.

Jury selection in the trial of the last two suspects begins Jan. 25.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Peel Homicide #21-Richard Egan STEWART

Police have made an arrest in the murder of Richard Stewart. Thursday December 24, police arrested Carol Martin, 55. He has has been charged with second degree murder. Oliver Willis Sr., 64 has also been arrested in regards to this murder.

Peel police are looking for suspects in the murder of 38 year old Richard Stewart who was found at a plaza at Brandon Gate Drive and Darcel Avenue, in the Malton area of Mississauga.

There is currently no information on the cause of death. Investigators are interested in speaking with anyone who either knows the victim, or had recently seen him.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shooting Downtown

A 27 year old was shot between the eyes last night around 12:30am near Dundas and Dupont. However as severe as the shooting may sound, the victim will survive. He was rushed to the hospital following the shooting and after emergency surgery it was determined he will be ok.

Witnesses and the victim are co-operating.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Homicide #59-Tafari Spear

Another Shooting claims the life of yet another individual. A man was shot to death last night at a bar located at Jane and Wilson.

Around 3:30am, shots rang out at Classic Cocktails where Tafari Spear, 30 was found dead in the parking lot and another injured. This is homicide #59. Last year there were 70 homicides, with the amount of shootings happening in this last week, it unfortunately looks like that number can be surpassed by the end of 2009.

No suspect description available as of yet however police are looking for 3 women that were said to be with the victim.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Homicide #58-Laura Rios

A shooting occurred this evening taking the life of a woman, she has been identified as Laura Rios, 45. This is the second woman murdered since yesterday. The shooting occurred near Weston Rd. and Lawrence. She was shot in the head while driving. Her infant was in the backseat and was unharmed.

Witnesses reported hearing up to five shots and a purple vehicle was spotted fleeing the scene southbound on Weston Rd.

Toronto is crazy right now, it's been like 5-6 murders in the last week.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Homicide #57-Kirk Matthews

Another shooting claimed the life a man last night around 3:30am in the Islington and Steeles area. Kirk Matthews, 24-years-old was shot near Islington Ave. and Steeles Ave. W. at 3:30 a.m.

Police said the homicide squad has been called in to investigate the incident at a townhouse complex on San Pietroway Way.

No word yet on suspects however police speculate a drug deal gone bad.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Homicide #55-Aeon Grant

The latest murder victim from last night's shooting in Falstaff has been identfied as Aeon Grant, 19 of Toronto.

Aeon died after he was shot in the head. Three other youth had also been injured. Last night is was reported that police had three suspects in custody, no word yet on if charges had been filed.

Shooting in Highrise Fatal

A shooting took place in a Jane St. plaza last night killing one and injuring three.

The deadly gunfire erupted just before midnight Thursday in a stairwell of a high rise building at 30 Falstaff Ave. The man who died was shot in the head, police said, marking the city's 55th murder of the year. The three other victims, including two 17-year-old boys, are listed in serious condition in hospital.

When police arrived at the building they found the 19-year-old victim in a 15th-floor stairwell. Two other victims were discovered outside a nearby plaza where they'd collapsed, and the fourth victim managed to make his own way to hospital with a bullet wound to the chest.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Arrest Made in Andre Daley Murder

Five people have been arrested in connection with the murder of Andre Daley, 29. Andre was killed just after 3am on Oct. 18 in front of First Choice Restaurant on Keele Street, near Sheppard Avenue.

The following suspects have all been charged with first degree murder.

Rohan Shiwshankar, 25, of Woodbridge,
Yovidra Shiwshankar, of Woodbridge,
Anthony Nelson, 35, of Toronto,
Napoleon Rochester, 34, of Toronto,
Arraf Kassim, 26, of Toronto