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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Robbery and Extortion Gone Wrong

I forgot to post this story last week on these 5 idiots that ALLEGEDLY decided to kidnap and try to extort money from 3 individuals.

From Right to Left, Mark Anthony Barreiras, 29, Shawn Jermaine Tyrell, 24, Bryan Robson Taylor, 23, Patrick Anthony Anderson, 22, and a young female offender, all of no fixed address, are wanted in connection with the kidnapping of three men in two separate incidences on Wednesday, Nov. 11. The young offender cannot be named due to her age but it’s a young white female.

In the first kidnapping, a lone male victim was kidnapped at gunpoint in the Martin Grove Road/Rexdale Boulevard area at an unspecified time, but was able to escape.
In the second kidnapping, two more men were kidnapped at gunpoint from the same area - Martin Grove Road/Rexdale Boulevard. While one of those victims was able to jump from the kidnappers' vehicle in the Hwy. 401/Mavis Road area in Mississauga, the second was held overnight at an apartment in Toronto but let go after he promised he would bring money and drugs.

2 other people have been arrested in this case Dustin Brandejs, 22 and Amrinder Chhokar, 26. Today Bryan Thompson (Bottom Left) turned himself in.