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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Charges Dropped in Jane Creba Trial

This past Monday, the Crown announced it would call no more evidence in the manslaughter case against Smith, 24, Vincent Davis, 29, Andre Thompson, 26, and his brother, Shaun Thompson, 24 so charges against all four individuals for the slaying of Jane Creba has been dropped.

Creba was shot as she walked among Boxing Day shoppers on Yonge St., two blocks north of the Eaton Centre. The 15-year-old girl was killed by a single .357-calibre bullet as a gun battle broke out between a man exiting the Foot Locker clothing store and at least two other shooters on the sidewalk. Six other people were injured. All but Shaun Thompson, who got bail after a year, have been in custody since they were charged. The three remain locked up on other matters. The four accused were standing outside the Foot Locker when the shooting broke out but none was alleged to have carried a gun.

The trial continues against three other adult accused: Louis Raphael Woodcock, 22, Tyshaun Barnett, 22, and Jeremiah Valentine, 27. They are all charged with second-degree murder in Creba's death and either attempted murder or aggravated assault in the wounding of six other people.

This girl’s death was a tragedy but I’m more appalled at the police just arresting whoever they can to close this case. I don’t think we’ll ever know who was the actual shooter of Jane Creba so will her family ever have full closure? I think not. Our tax dollars at work.