Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Monday, October 5, 2009

Unresolved Murder - Jamal Hemmings/Amon Beckles

Jamal Hemmings, only 17 when his life was taken away on November 10, 2005. Jamal was shot to death near Marlee and Eglinton. Both him and his friend Amon were getting into a vehicle when the gunfire erupted from behind. Jamal took a bullet as he entered the car.

Only a few days later, the boy that watched his friend Jamal get shot to death would also be killed, at Jamal’s funeral. Amon Beckles, 18 years old was killed on November 18, 2005 while he attended his friend Jamal Hemming’s funeral only 8 days after he was killed. Amon stepped outside of the church for a minute only to be killed by the main doors. Amon was shot multiple times.

To this day no one has been arrested for taking the lives of both these young men. Of course we can never judge, we’ll probably never know why these young men were killed but no one has the right to take anyone’s life. Anyone with information on the case, please contact the police. The families of both these victims need closure.