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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remember this Idiot!!

Owen Smith (pictured) was released from jail in February 2009 in relation to the brazen murder of Abdikarim Abdikarim in Jungle last year. He was released from jail as witnesses feared testifying against him and he walked free out of the Milton prison yelling "Freedom's a Must".

Well the fool, who I would have hoped would change his life around decided to go rob a store down in Yorkville back in July. Putting guns to the heads of the store clerks and terrorizing them. He tried to get the clerks to open the safe to which they could not access, once the owner arrived he ran out of the store.

Owen Smith was finally arrested on Aug. 21 in Lindylou Park at the northwest corner of Weston Rd. and Lanyard Rd.

This menace to society deserves to stay in jail.