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Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Trial Ordered in Simeon Peter Murder Trial

Simeon Peter (pictured) was gunned down in 2004 and the man currently on trial for his murder will face a new trial. Ontario's highest court quashed the jury verdict due to a teardrop tattoo that could have affected the outcome. Warren Abbey will stand trial once again for first degree murder charges in the death of Peter.

The panel agreed with the Crown's argument that the trial judge should not have excluded evidence – collected from five witnesses – relating to its (teardrop tattoo) potential meaning. The killing happened during a time when two Toronto street gangs, the Malvern Crew and the Galloway Boys, were fighting a bloody turf war.

Peter died on Jan. 8, 2004 after being shot three times while walking with his girlfriend in the Malvern district of Scarborough, in Toronto's east end. The trial judge excluded all proposed testimony relating to the tattoo because he said it was too prejudicial.