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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homicide #36 - Tevane Sean Lennon

22-year-old Tevane Sean Lennon was shot and killed near Martin Grove Road and Finch Avenue. Emergency crews found him on Bagwell Cres. around 1:10am.

So far residents have been co-operating with the police. Witnesses stated to have heard at least 12 shots when the young man was killed.

His family explained he was the father of a 3 year old and was trying to turn his life around. Witnesses stated that Tevane may have been arguing with several men in a park in the area and as he was riding his bike as car drove up alongside him and a hand stuck out shooting him. Autopsy results reveal that Tevane was killed when a gunshot wound penetrated his back and perforated his heart.

The suspect is described as male, dark black complexion, wearing black clothing and a blackfitted baseball cap. The car is described as a Honda Civic or similar style, with tinted windows.