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Monday, August 3, 2009

Homicide #33 - Nerio Valdez

Nerio Valdez, 17 years of age lay in a hydro field for several days before his body was discovered. An anonymous tipster is what led police to the body located in North Etobicoke. His lifeless body was found in bushes in the field that runs between a residential and industrial area near Martin Grove Rd. and Steeles Ave. W. at around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Residents on Cabernet Circle recalled hearing four gunshots in the area Thursday evening. One woman told police she saw car headlights coming from the industrial area. Police searched the area Saturday evening after an anonymous 911 caller reported police might find something in the area. "The description of the caller was very vague, and indicated that the incident was in a wooded area," Police said. He said officers searched the hydro field for close to two hours until it was too dark and found nothing at that time.

Police have video evidence showing Nerio getting into an argument with several men before he was shot, police are currently combing the areas for additional information into the death of this young man. I just wonder why his family didn't realize he was missing. The boy is only 17 and if I had a 17 year old that hasn't been home in 2 days, I would wonder where he is.