Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Three men heard the words that they dreaded might come there way for the last 2 months. Tyshan Riley, 26, Phillip Atkins, 26, and Jason Wisdom, 23 were convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and committing murder for the benefit of a criminal organization. They will spend at least the next 25 years of their life in prison. The courtroom was filled with anger and emotion as the three men, while locked in the booth began yelling and banging on the glass almost breaking it. Mothers for the men, broke down in tears unable to compose themselves after realizing they will now see their sons behind bars.

Wisdom had tears streaming down his face as he stood the face the jury. "I told the truth," he yelled out. His mother, Marcia, who had testified for her son, yelled "I know you were home.""I love you, Mom. You raised a good kid, you know that," Atkins shouted to his mother. Riley's (left) girlfriend Dana Lee Williams, who attended every day of the trial, was crying as she shouted, "It's okay, baby, it's the system. They want to show they did something for society."

A heated war between Malvern and Galloway is what started all of this. Norris Allen was killed and once this happened, the Galloway boys felt the need to carry out their revenge. Supposedly these three men participated in drive-by's in Malvern that consisted of shooting innocent people. One of these innocent people was Brenton Charlton and Leonard Bell who was shot multiple times however he survived.

Very sad to see that these men will no longer see outside however, I am somewhat relieved. I can only imagine what this summer would be like with these trigger happy men who felt it was okay to drive in a community and terrorize it because their leader was killed. Let this be a lesson, no crime goes unpunished.