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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tamar Seale Trial Update - Suspect Pleads Guilty

One year ago, 19 year old Tamar Seale was stabbed to death in Brampton. Tamer was stabbed in the chest and found in a building near Steeles Ave. W. and Hurontario St.

Naipaul Basdeoram, 19, of Brampton who was charged with the murder pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He will be sentenced September 15. By pleading guilty, he avoided the possibility of a life prison sentence should he have been convicted as charged.

Seale and Basdeoram had a disagreement after Seale came to his apartment with two women uninvited. Basdeoram did not know Seale but he was in his apartment the night before with friends of Basdeoram. Naipaul's mom had gone to Guyana, so he had the house to himself. After leaving the apartment the next morning, Basdeoram advised Seale he could not come back to the apartment. Tamar was insulted that he had been told to leave when others continued to stay. Seale began to push his way into the apartment and fight began.