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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sasha Bailey Murder Trial - Closed

The murder trial into the shooting death of Sasha Bailey (pictured) has come to an end. Sasha Bailey was susposedly gunned down over an insult. Walid Almaktari, 29 years of age was found guilty of manslaughter however he was acquitted of first degree murder two weeks earlier.
Almaktari and his friend Rutal "Woo" Hankey met Bailey and approached him about buying marijuana, court heard. An argument erupted, which Almaktari's friends broke up. But unknown to the others, Almaktari and Hankey got a gun and "hunted down Bailey.

Almaktari, a Saudi-born refugee who came to Canada from Yemen was a drop out from high school just going down the wrong path in life. He had no job skills, no job and clearly no heart.
Harsh words against the accused were said in court "He has repaid Canada's kindness by committing a spate of crimes culminating in the senseless killing," Clark said.
"His prospects for rehabilitation are dismal."

A superior court judge condemned the rampant gun violence on Toronto streets by imposing a 15-year prison sentence. The killer would have to spend 51/2 years in prison before he could apply for parole.