Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Homicide #21-Ayoob Abdulgadir Aden

Another mother with tears in her eyes holds up a photo of her son whose life was taken suddenly on June 7 in the Dixon Rd. area. She now has lost the last male in her family to the hands of another human being. Ayoob Adam, 16 years of age is the 21st homicide victim in the GTA this year. He was visiting his aunt that weekend when he heard a commotion. He went down to investigate and was stabbed in the chest.

His mother’s husband disappeared in 1992 during the Somali civil war and her oldest son was killed in 1992 trying to escape fighting in Yemen, she came to Canada to be safer only to lose her last son. She now has her 3 daughters left to help her through the heartache.

Police responded to gunshots in the area and found Ayoob stabbed and another youth with a gunshot wound. The building has no cameras and of course no cooperative witnesses so there is no description of the suspects.