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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ex-Girlfriend Pleads Guilty

I’ve done 2 stories already on this case and I’ve been blasted by I’m assuming friends or family of this young lady for the unthinkable crime she committed. They feel I’m bashing her and talking badly about her and I shouldn’t be writing such negative comments about her however when I see young black women doing this stupidness over a man, I can only call them what they are, PLAIN STUPID!! She’s a wicked woman for what she did and not once did her selfish ass think about her daughter. Just my opinion that’s all.

In my opinion this little girl did herself justice by pleading guilty because if this went to court, this girl would spend the rest of her life in prison. Her young mind didn’t allow her to think as she decided that her daughters father should be suffer because she saw a picture of her daughter in the arms of her baby father’s new girlfriend.

Jacqueline Levesque, 22 years old pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the May 2006 shooting death of her daughter’s father, Jermaine Watson. Levesque and three men burst into his home on May 28, 2005 and shot him in his stomach. Jermaine’s new girlfriend stated to the courts at one point while they were beating Jermaine, she did hear Jacqueline yell “Don’t hurt him!” Guess she didn’t really want him dead, just wanted to scare him.

She will serve 13 years on top of the 3 years served. She will be eligible for in 6.5 years. Carrift Jones-Solomon, 27, the man who shot Jermaine will be tried for first-degree murder. Her daughter is now being raised by the Jermaine’s family.