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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allen Benn Murder Trial - June 19, 2009

Closing arguments for the trial of Allen Benn got underway. The crown argued in his closing that the murder was a planned execution, however the defence argued that that it was a spur of the moment attack by a 17 year old youth currently in jail waiting for his trial to begin.

Benn was supposedly killed for warning a man that he might be robbed. Mackel Peterkin and Shaun Blake who are currently charged with first degree murder in the death of Allen Benn, are being accused of assisting in the homicide. the crown is alleging both these men helped carry out the murder of Allen Benn.

Upon closing, the defence lawyer for Shaun Blake warned the evidence in the case falls short for what is required to show guilt. The verdict will be out next week.