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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peel Homicide #13 - Nicarno Anthony Wright

Peel is now on their 13th murder of the year after a man was gunned down at a house party early this morning. Around 1:30am, police responded to shots fired near Goreway Dr. in Mississauga, the victim was rushed to Etobicoke General Hospital in critical condition, where he later died. The victim has been identified as Nicarno Anthony WRIGHT, 22 years of age.

No arrests have been made.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tamar Seale Trial Update - Suspect Pleads Guilty

One year ago, 19 year old Tamar Seale was stabbed to death in Brampton. Tamer was stabbed in the chest and found in a building near Steeles Ave. W. and Hurontario St.

Naipaul Basdeoram, 19, of Brampton who was charged with the murder pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He will be sentenced September 15. By pleading guilty, he avoided the possibility of a life prison sentence should he have been convicted as charged.

Seale and Basdeoram had a disagreement after Seale came to his apartment with two women uninvited. Basdeoram did not know Seale but he was in his apartment the night before with friends of Basdeoram. Naipaul's mom had gone to Guyana, so he had the house to himself. After leaving the apartment the next morning, Basdeoram advised Seale he could not come back to the apartment. Tamar was insulted that he had been told to leave when others continued to stay. Seale began to push his way into the apartment and fight began.

Guilty Verdict in Murder of Akila Badhanage

Three young black men found out their fate today after a jury found them guilty in the murder of Akila Badhanage. Akila was allegedly chased down in Brampton by these three men for his cell phone. Omari White, 18 at the time, stabbed Akila in the chest. Omari White and Jamal Johnson were found guilty of first-degree murder in the Sept. 28, 2007 slaying. Eric Robinson guilty of second-degree murder in connection with the killing.

Both White and Johnson are not eligible for parole until they have served 25 years. The lawyers for these young men tried to state that the men did not intend on killing Akila and wanted them to be guilty of manslaughter. A fourth man, Ryan Walwin-Townsend, 23, is also charged with first-degree murder in the afternoon attack, he will begin his trial in a few months.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Allen Benn Murder Trial - Not Guilty Verdict

After 4 days of deliberations, a jury of 6 men and 5 women found both Mackel Peterkin and Shaun Blake not guilty in the murder of Allen Benn. One juror was dismissed for health reasons.

The crown presented a case showing that both Mackel and Shaun are seen on the video at the time of the murder but unfortunately the video was not strong enough to show that both these young men committed the crime. Defence for both Mackel and Shaun proved that many other individuals can be seen on the tape and anyone could have committed the crime.
Two other youth are set to begin their trial by the end of this year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brampton Farmhouse Murder Update

Police have arrested 22 year-old Mustafa Omar and charged him with second degree murder in the death of Terrance Hughes. He was arrested on June 30.

Police are looking for two persons of interest in relation to the murder of Terrance Hughes and Garth Palmer that occurred in Brampton at an afterhours spot in a farm area.

On Saturday, June 6, 2009, officers responded to a report of shots fired at 8678 Chinguacousy Road, which is located south of Queen Street West. Terrence Elliott HUGHES (also known as “T-Bone”), age 40, of Toronto and Garth Nicholas PALMER, age 29, of Toronto, were fatally shot. Six others were hit when gunfire erupted during the house party.

The two men in the photographs were at the party when the incident occurred and may have knowledge of the persons involved in this shooting. For previous story on this murder click the following link.

David Latchana Murder Trial

Lots of trials going on this summer. David Latchana’s murder trial began and originally it was being said he was killed for being a snitch. Demar Duntin, the accused insisted he shot and killed David Latchana because Latchana had punched his friend, not because he believed Latchana was a "snitch. Duntin, 23, is already serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Jason Hay, 21, is on trial and has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. Jason Hay is said to have passed the weapon to Duntin who did the actual shooting.

David was shot to death outside a Malton house party back in Nov 2007. A friend to both Duntin and Hay testified that he had heard both men stating they were going to kill David but he didn’t take it seriously. The friend also was beaten up by Latchana a day before his murder, but said his ego was not bruised in the process. The defence testified he tried to keep himself out of the mix in order not to be charged.

Duntin is testifying that Jason Hay was not with him at the time of the murder although David’s sister testifies that Hay was there but he did not pull the trigger. Crown witnesses have also identified Hay and Duntin as the singers of a rap song posted in March 2007 on My Space that contained lyrics threatening to hunt down and kill Latchana, identified as "OG" for being a snitch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Homicide #24/#25-Andy James/Brandon Ramdeen

A jealous ex-boyfriend couldn't stand seeing his ex-girl on the dance floor with her new man and decided to take matters into his own hands. As the killings in Toronto begin to reach an all new high, we've lost yet another black man. Both Andy James(pictured), 26 and Brandon Ramdeen, 27 had attended a boat cruise this past weekend and Andy was dancing with his girlfriend when several men approached them and began to harass and touch the girl.

Once the boat docked at Polson Pier, security had kicked out one of the men who tried to start a fight with Andy. As Andy went to his car, one of the suspects jumped out and stabbed him in the gut, when Brandon tried to intervene to help his friend, he too was stabbed.

Andy, who ran a home renovation business was said by friends to be a good guy who would never hurt nobody. His life was taken for no reason.

Yesterday, Edwin Modeste, 37, and Kimron Bengy, 19, both of Toronto, were arrested and charged in separate second-degree murders.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allen Benn Murder Trial - June 19, 2009

Closing arguments for the trial of Allen Benn got underway. The crown argued in his closing that the murder was a planned execution, however the defence argued that that it was a spur of the moment attack by a 17 year old youth currently in jail waiting for his trial to begin.

Benn was supposedly killed for warning a man that he might be robbed. Mackel Peterkin and Shaun Blake who are currently charged with first degree murder in the death of Allen Benn, are being accused of assisting in the homicide. the crown is alleging both these men helped carry out the murder of Allen Benn.

Upon closing, the defence lawyer for Shaun Blake warned the evidence in the case falls short for what is required to show guilt. The verdict will be out next week.

Peel Homicide#12 - Baden Jeffrey Willcocks

Peel Police have arrested the two other youth involved in the murder of Baden Wilcocks.

Brampton's homicide rate continues to climb as another child lost his life yesterday to a bullet. Baden Willcocks only 15 year of age was shot to death last night as he supposedly went to follow a friend to do a drug deal. He was not part of the drug deal but unfortunately the decision to follow his friend ended his life. He was shot in the abdomen. Two young offenders have been arrested in this shooting however police are still looking for 2 other youth.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Arrest Made in 2006 Brampton Murder

An arrest has been made in a murder that occurred more than 2 years ago. Mervyn Spence, 41 was executed in Brampton at an after hours club back in November 2006. He was shot several times after leaving a club. Investigators claims he was chased down and shot because of an ongoing dispute with a gang called the Weston Crew.

Courtney Benjamin, 42, of Toronto has now been charged with first-degree murder. Also arrested is Anthony Campbell, 38, of Toronto, who has been charged with accessory after the fact to murder. Marlon McClean, 26 was already charged in April while incarcerated for another matter.

Peel Homicide #9/#10-Terrance Hughes/Garth Palmer

Brampton is up to 10 homicides with 2 homicides that occurred on June 6 around 5:17am. Police responded to shots fired at a Chinguacousy Road farmhouse and two men were found with gunshot wounds. Both men died and were identified as Terrance Elliot Hughes, 40 and Garth Nicolas Palmer, 29. Two black men once again now deceased.
4 other men and two women were treated at the hospital for non-fatal wounds and released.
The farm was used as an afterhours spot and at least 100 people attended the party during the incident. The only description of the suspects is that it was either a black or Hispanic male.

Homicide #21-Ayoob Abdulgadir Aden

Another mother with tears in her eyes holds up a photo of her son whose life was taken suddenly on June 7 in the Dixon Rd. area. She now has lost the last male in her family to the hands of another human being. Ayoob Adam, 16 years of age is the 21st homicide victim in the GTA this year. He was visiting his aunt that weekend when he heard a commotion. He went down to investigate and was stabbed in the chest.

His mother’s husband disappeared in 1992 during the Somali civil war and her oldest son was killed in 1992 trying to escape fighting in Yemen, she came to Canada to be safer only to lose her last son. She now has her 3 daughters left to help her through the heartache.

Police responded to gunshots in the area and found Ayoob stabbed and another youth with a gunshot wound. The building has no cameras and of course no cooperative witnesses so there is no description of the suspects.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sasha Bailey Murder Trial - Closed

The murder trial into the shooting death of Sasha Bailey (pictured) has come to an end. Sasha Bailey was susposedly gunned down over an insult. Walid Almaktari, 29 years of age was found guilty of manslaughter however he was acquitted of first degree murder two weeks earlier.
Almaktari and his friend Rutal "Woo" Hankey met Bailey and approached him about buying marijuana, court heard. An argument erupted, which Almaktari's friends broke up. But unknown to the others, Almaktari and Hankey got a gun and "hunted down Bailey.

Almaktari, a Saudi-born refugee who came to Canada from Yemen was a drop out from high school just going down the wrong path in life. He had no job skills, no job and clearly no heart.
Harsh words against the accused were said in court "He has repaid Canada's kindness by committing a spate of crimes culminating in the senseless killing," Clark said.
"His prospects for rehabilitation are dismal."

A superior court judge condemned the rampant gun violence on Toronto streets by imposing a 15-year prison sentence. The killer would have to spend 51/2 years in prison before he could apply for parole.

Ex-Girlfriend Pleads Guilty

I’ve done 2 stories already on this case and I’ve been blasted by I’m assuming friends or family of this young lady for the unthinkable crime she committed. They feel I’m bashing her and talking badly about her and I shouldn’t be writing such negative comments about her however when I see young black women doing this stupidness over a man, I can only call them what they are, PLAIN STUPID!! She’s a wicked woman for what she did and not once did her selfish ass think about her daughter. Just my opinion that’s all.

In my opinion this little girl did herself justice by pleading guilty because if this went to court, this girl would spend the rest of her life in prison. Her young mind didn’t allow her to think as she decided that her daughters father should be suffer because she saw a picture of her daughter in the arms of her baby father’s new girlfriend.

Jacqueline Levesque, 22 years old pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the May 2006 shooting death of her daughter’s father, Jermaine Watson. Levesque and three men burst into his home on May 28, 2005 and shot him in his stomach. Jermaine’s new girlfriend stated to the courts at one point while they were beating Jermaine, she did hear Jacqueline yell “Don’t hurt him!” Guess she didn’t really want him dead, just wanted to scare him.

She will serve 13 years on top of the 3 years served. She will be eligible for in 6.5 years. Carrift Jones-Solomon, 27, the man who shot Jermaine will be tried for first-degree murder. Her daughter is now being raised by the Jermaine’s family.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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I'm gone on a much needed vacation for the next 2 weeks. Stories will be updated when I return.

Thank You for the continued support.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peel Homicide #8 - Andres David Buritica-Marin

Peel homicides are adding up as unfortunately another man lost his life in Mississauga on Monday. Andres, who is 25 years of age was found bleeding behind a building and brought to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police state it looks as if it was a drug deal gone wrong.

Witnesses state that they saw 3 black males fleeing in a dark-coloured Mercedes SUV. Police are also searching for a 4 door silver car. Contact police if you have info.

Domestic Homicide

I cannot imagine what made this man go into a murderous rage but he was pissed and he unfortunately took a life in the process. Horace Weekes, 59 years of rage took the life of a 71 year old woman and attacked her daughter and granddaughter this past weekend. Helen Slichta, 71 was just visiting the home at the time, she did not reside in the Mississauga residence. The other two victims, 44 years old and 25 years old are still alive. The 44 year old who may have been the spouse of Weekes is still in the hospital in critical condition.

As police searched for Weekes this past Sunday, he was found in a ravine behind an apartment building. He was brought to the hospital suffering from hypothermia. He appeared in court this past Monday. Weekes is currently on probation.