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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Most Wanted Caught in Jamaica

Well the police in Jamaica seem to be working hard as they’ve been catching criminals wanted in Canada like no tomorrow. Horace Headley (pictured) has been on Toronto’s Most Wanted list since 1991 for the murder of Stanley Anthony Shearer. Headley was arrested in Kingston, Jamaica and held for police after extradition proceedings were waived. Stanley was gunned down 18 years ago in his music production office near Midland and Sheppard Aves. He had been shot 8 times.

One of Shearer's assailants, Delroy Anthony Cain, was himself severely injured in the shooting and had an accomplice drive him from the Midland and Sheppard-area studio to a hospital. He was given emergency surgery on his gunshot wounds and then arrested for the crime. Clearly a case of friends setting up friends.
Yesterday, homicide detectives escorted Headley back to Toronto to face charges of first-degree murder. Reasons for Shearer’s murder are not exactly clear but it may have been a robbery as police have busted the studio before and drugs were found in the studio near Stanley’s body.

It goes to show, all these murderers think that when years pass they can get away with murder, it will eventually catch up with you, either you’ll end up dead or you will be caught. Even if it is 20 years later.