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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brenton Charles Murder Trial Continues - May 6, 2009

The key witness, Roland Ellis implicated his three childhood friends for the drive-by shooting that killed Brenton Charlton and injured his friend. Ellis, 26, on the stand for a second day, said that on the evening of that date, he saw Wisdom, Atkins and Riley inside a dark grey, two-door Pathfinder in the area where he lived at Kingston and Galloway Roads. Witnesses said a vehicle resembling a Pathfinder pulled up alongside Charlton's blue Neon moments before it was sprayed it with bullets.

After the murder had taken place, the three individuals charged along with 20 other friends and Roland went over to their hang out spot. When the news came on around 9pm, Riley told everyone to be quiet in order to watch the news. When the news item mentioned the shooting and that two men in their early 40s were the victims, "Mr. Riley basically said no, what the f**k . . . no, no, no," Ellis testified. The prosecution says Chartlon and Bell were mistaken for a Malvern gang member known as Ross P, whose real name is Alton.

Ellis said he asked why Riley was reacting to the news report the way he was and Wisdom told him, "Don't worry about it." Ellis confirmed that Wisdom then stated that they saw a blue neon and started firing thinking it was a rival gang member.

The trial continues.