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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jarvis St. Remy Mother Pleads for Info

His murder may be one of mistaken identity. Who knows with all the stupidness going on with these boys it even could have been some gang initiation s**t. Jarvis lost his life this past weekend and his mother is pleading for the killers to come forward.

Her son who aspired to be an engineer was never in trouble, not part of a gang and the family is trying to come to grips with why this happened to him. His mother cannot say that he has ever gone down the wrong path.

His funeral will take place this Saturday, one day before Mother’s day. She will never see her son again but more than anything she would just like closure. Jarvis was the 16th homicide this year and the 3rd black man in 3 weeks.

Contact police if you know anything.