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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brenton Charlton Trial - May 13, 2009

A witness that prosecutors thought would be able to help them in their case again 3 members of the Galloway Boys refused to take the oath and went on to say “I’m not testifying”.
Marlon Wilson was hopefully going to indicate that Tyshan Riley, Philiip Atkins, and Jason Wisdom are responsible for the death of Brenton Charlton.

He was to testify about receiving a call on the night of the shooting and talk about the gathering that took place later on that night. He was also to give evidence about the gun used in the killing.
"I'm not testifying," Marlon Wilson said shaking his head as jurors looked on in Superior Court. He was not found in contempt of the court, however the judge advised the jury to return Tuesday as clearly plans have changed.